Thursday, November 9, 2017

Born Pretty Store Unicorn Chrome Powder

Evening beauties!  It's a 3 day weekend for my kids and we're planning to go to Vegas.  I'm running a half marathon on Sunday and am pretty excited.  I've never run a race in Vegas before and I love destination races!  With my hamstring injury my speed has really been affected so I'll probably take this one easy and make stops for pictures along the way.  No PR (personal record) for me this time but I'll be happy to finish in 2 hours or just over that (my PR is 1:54).  Anywho - I'll try to get some posts up while I'm there and in the hotel room relaxing.  Tonight I've got something really amazing for you - I know you've seen the powders before but I haven't tried them.  Mainly because I like being good at things so sometimes trying new things and knowing I won't be great on the first try makes me shy away from doing it.  Well, there's definitely a learning curve here but I got over myself real quick.  If you're hesitant too you need to bite the bullet and try these amazing powders!  I got this one from Born Pretty Store and it's pretty damn fabulous!  It's the Unicorn Chrome Powder and you can pick it up HERE for $2.99.  You can save 10% on non-sale items using my code JTOW10.  Ok, let's jump in and see all about this awesome powder!

*press sample*

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I wanted to show you that the powder container and shadow applicator come in this handy little plastic bag, I just put the items back in there after I used them!

Alright, I tried this over a few color before I had a winner.  Plus learning curve.  I tried nude and it was just ok.  I tried black and I feel like everyone and their mama does the powder over black.  So then I tried it over white and it was like BINGO!  In love!  I'm not one to keep polish on my nails for longer than a couple days so I'm not too interested in actually using gel products to create these looks.  I actually used the Cosmetic Sanctuary no-gel application method and it worked great!  You can try it HERE.  Alright, so you know the steps now (or if not, go read her post - you'll need Yellow Stopper and UNT Base, that's it!).  There is also a learning curve to the amount of pressure to apply while burnishing the powder into my nails. This one did have some darker spots that still showed up, maybe they didn't rub in all the way?  Whatever the reason behind it, it was my first real attempt and I'm pleased with how it turned out.  Oh hai unicorn nails!  

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