Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Stella Chroma Into the Woods, Fall 2017

Evening dears!  I am looking forward to having a week off next week, already planning a tree decorating day with Naomi and her class, a hike with the boys, lunch with my grandma, gymnastics camp, should be a good ol' time!  I'm hoping to get ahead (or at least caught up) on my swatching for the late Fall, early Winter collections.  Speaking of late Fall, here's a new collection from Stella Chroma! This is the Into the Woods Collection and it was a team effort with Mr. Stella Chroma!  They were inspired by the woods surrounding their home in Indiana and the animals that roam there.  The Into the Woods Collection will be available on 11/17 at noon EST.  Individual bottles will be $12 and the set will be $44.  And you can save 15% using my code MNPO.  A portion of the proceeds of this collection will be donated to the Indiana Wildlife Federation.   Ok then, let's jump in and see polish!!

*press sample*

Before we start I just want to say that not only do I love these Fall friends of the forest inspired collection but I also love the names!  They are so clever and funny.  Ok, now we can start.

Deer Abby is a creamy white polish with a dusting of copper holo glitter.  So pretty and perfectly mimics the beautiful antlers on a male deer.  Formula and application were both perfectly fabulous.  Not chalky or streaky in site slightest.  I used 3 coats for full coverage and topcoat for an uber shiny finish.  

Deer Abby with matte topcoat.

Sight for Sore Eyes is a deep chocolate brown with orange shimmer and gold and white flakies.  This was inspired by the majestic bald eagle.  Such a perfect brown for the Fall months, or any time really.  The formula did seem a little thicker but it gave me no trouble at all with I applied it.  I used 3 coats for full depth and finished with topcoat.  

Sight for Sore Eyes with matte topcoat.  

Doesn't take a super genius to guess that this glowing orange beauty was my favorite.  Whiskey Tango Fox... is a deep red/orange polish with a big dash of holo flakies!  Of course this is inspired by a sly fox!  Honestly, all I need to tell you is that this polish is gorgeous.  Get it.  Awesome jelly formula, awesome application, awesome polish, awesome orange, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME.  3 coats plus topcoat.  

Whiskey Tango Fox... with matte topcoat.  

Last but not least is Ugly Peacock.  Awww, poor turkey.  But this polish isn't ugly.  It's a light brown based polish with some mild shifts to green, gold and orange depending on the lighting.  I mostly saw green and gold and felt those were so pretty, they played nicely off each other.   Nice formula, good application.  3 coats for opacity, topcoat to finish.  But really, who knew turkey feathers were so pretty!?!

Ugly Peacock with matte topcoat.  

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