Monday, November 27, 2017

Press Release: KBShimmer Holo-Day Winter 2017 Collection

2017 Holo-Day Collection

Tisthe season to sparkle and KBShimmer has you covered! This winter, enjoy 8 all new shades, each with holographic sparkle. As you put up the shining lights, wrap up gifts in jewel toned paper, or 
pour a glass of seasonal cheer, these bright and festive colors will bring home the feel of the holidays. The winter collection will feature KBShimmers new 5 free polish base and retail for $9.25 each.

Up To Snow Good For those that lived in snowy areas, the best days as kids were snow days! School cancelled, children bundled up while flakes were falling, making snow men, launching snowballs, and taking sleigh rides down the big hill filled the day with joy. Holographic glow flakes, subtle blue shimmer, and a dash of micro holo glitters shine like untouched snowbanks, accenting the pale gray color of this snow inspired polish.

Deck The Claws There are two things that a women needs for a rockinholiday party, bold red lips and Christmas red nails. This red polish in our Mega Flame finish is full of sparkle and cheer. Holographic glitters catch the holiday lights and shine, while accenting this perfectly festive red shade. With coverage in two coats, this red looks beautiful finished with Clearly On Top, for a blinginred mani!

Fir Sure The smell of pine, crisp air, and crunchy leaves are sure signs the seasons have changed. This green linear holographic polish is reminiscent of hunting down that perfect pine among rows of fir and spruce trees. When you stumble upon that perfectly shaped tree and start envisioning the twinkling lights and hanging ornaments, you will know Fir Sure you picked the right one.

Jewels Of The TradeA beautiful blue holo is life. This mega flame finish is vibrant blue in color, almost a cross between sapphires and lapis lazuli gemstones. No matter what gem you think it resembles, the vibrant jewel toned blue comes alive with amazing sparkle from holo glitters. With coverage in two coats, this blue looks beautiful finished with Clearly On Top, this shade is one you need in your manicure tool box!

Why So Sirius?Like a nebula in the sky, this spacy polish is bursting with a shimmer that shifts from a jewel toned purple to vibrant teal, while holo glow flakes twinkle against the deep navy base. If you have fond memories of star gazing on crisp, cool evenings, you will be over the moon about this sparkling polish.

Come On Get App-y Today phones are never far from our side, with apps that do everything from entertain with music and games, to balance our budgets, it is no wonder we are app happy. This blue leaning purple has strong linear holo that shines brighter than your phones screen. With two coat coverage this polish wont interrupt your texting.

Pour Decisions Work, children, entertaining, the thought of in-laws and crazy family members can all stress you right the heck out! But step away from the wine, the only pour decision you need in your life is this wine colored lacquer. Pour Decisions is loaded with holo glow flakes for a deep burgundy colored polish. Shifting sparks shine red and copper, showing off the chocolate undertones. Perfect in two coats, putting this on your nails is easiest decision you will make all week.

Youre Brew-tiful When the weather gets that chill and sweaters keep you cozy, there is just something special about keeping warm by the fire with a cup of coffee. Reminiscent of a frothy latte, this lightened brown polish is the ideal shade for those that want bling without the bold. Whether you take your coffee with cream or without, this brew-tiful shade is a must have!

And backed for a limited time a holiday favorite, Holly Back Girl

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