Monday, November 20, 2017

Born Pretty Store Geometry Stamping Plate

Good afternoon dears!  How's Monday going?  Hopefully all is well and you'll be headed home soon.  I've had a fairly busy day and it'll be this way most of the week but that's alright, at least there's no school so I can sleep in a little.  But I did hurt myself at soccer last night so I'll be nursing a pulled hamstring this week in the hopes that I recover in time for the turkey trot on Thursday and the Thanksgiving soccer tournament on Friday night.  Fingers crossed for me please.  Ok well, I wanted to get back on here real quick so I can get as many posts shared as possible this week.  I have more nail art using a cool geometric stamping plate from Born Pretty.  I have actually used a few of these images already and love the simplicity of the patterns, you can use the designer over cremes, shimmers, glitters and they all look great.  You can pick up the Geometry Stamping Plate HERE for $2.99.  Let's jump in and check it out!

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As I mentioned already, this is the Geometry Stamping Plate from Born Pretty.  I like all the nature-y themed designs and simple patterns.  I've already used about half of them and they all stamp perfectly!  For this mani I went with the "plaid" style pattern because we are getting close to Christmas and I think of plaid in the winter.  But I went with pastel shades for a different vibe!  I stamped over a pearly white chrome powder and used a soft pink and purple to double stamp the plaid.  I think it turned out pretty cute!  Topcoat and my nails were ready to go!

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