Friday, December 21, 2018

Beauty Big Bang: Cute Dog Cat Stamping Plate SKU BBBXL-013

Good morning!  I have another post today, featuring another product from Beauty Big Bang.  If you haven't checked out their nail art supplies you really should, they have a large selection and great prices.  Plus you can save 10% using my code Obsession.  If you read my post yesterday (HERE) you saw the cute stamping images with adorable dogs...they came from this plate! Now you get to see more of the Cute Dog Cat Stamping Plate SKU BBBXL-013 in this post.  The plate is $2.99 and the direct link to purchase is HERE.  Let's jump right in and check out the post. 

*press sample*

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So you see the total plate above, adorable cat and dog patterns.  Hence the name of the plate, Cute Dog Cat Stamping Plate.  I took a few closeup pics of some images to show how cute they are.  Look at this confused cat with a mobile above it!

I love the look of these cats with chains.  It's an oddly luxurious pattern and it reminds me of Versace.  

Then there's this cat celebrating!  You can tell because he's yelling Cheers! 

Of course I went with the cats and chains.  That image just really spoke to me.  And I imagined gold over a dark color and had just the one in mind, Morgan Taylor Batting My Lashes.  I used Girly Bits Golden Ticket to stamp with and think it does look pretty great together!  The images picked up perfectly and applied to the nails well.  I finished up with topcoat.  

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