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Fit Snack Box: December 2018

Good morning, happy weekend!  Who's out and about doing last minute shopping?  I'm waiting for a few more packages to arrive, talk about cutting to close!  Fingers crossed everything I ordered shows up.  While I sit here and stare out the window waiting for the mail mail to come I'll just munch on these tasty snack treats in my December Fit Snack Box.  This box is still available now so if you see something(s) you want to try I would definitely recommend you sign up for a box ASAP!  What I liked most about this box was it had lots of bars - those are easily portable foods that a busy mom and active fitness person (like myself) can toss in a bag or munch on in the car.  I also liked that there are a few totally new to me foods.  Click my link HERE to save 50% off your first box.  Let's jump in to the post.

As a quick side note - would anyone be interested in a post featuring some of the exercises included in the box?  I can attempt to start featuring those as well in the new year. Sound off in the comments please!   

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Let's start with NTH Degree Snacks Cocoa Nibs bar.  This is a superfood snack made with amaranth. It's an organic, non-GMO, vegan and peanut free snack.  The ingredient list is interesting and I don't think I have ever tried amaranth before.  It's an ancient grain that's a complete protein.  I found the bar to be thick and chewy.  It had more of an earthy favor and I couldn't detect much cocoa.  It wasn't bad but it wasn't my favorite either.

Run Fit Nutrition makes a real fruit energy bar that is one of the most delicious ones I have tried.  It's gluten free and vegan and made specifically for runners.  I received the Peach Apricot flavor and I was excited to try it.  I was even more excited when I opened the package and there were 2 fig newton like cookie-bars in there.  My first thought was "Oh My Lanta this is delicious!"  My second thought was "this bar is so soft it would never survive a day in my purse, diaper bag or hydration pack."  So this delicious treat would be great to have around for night time, sweet tooth, dessert snacking.

Had to show you the inside of this yummy bar!

I'm fairly certain I've had a Go Macro Macrobar before but mommy brain has me all forgetful. Go Macro Bar is all about spreading awareness for balanced plant based lifestyle. This bar basically covers all bases: organic, gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, kosher, soy-free, C.L.E.A.N. and R.A.W. Phew, that's a lot of things and the majority are certified!  I got the high protein, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip bar.  I found the bar to be a bit thick and chewy.  It reminded me of power bars I used to eat in between soccer games.  That didn't bother me, what bothered me was that it was nearly flavorless.  And there weren't enough chocolate chips.  

I was ready for another bar but was happily surprised that this is a cookie 2-pack.  The Real Coconut cookies are made with plantain flour, coconut sugar and coconut oil (thankfully no actual pieces of coconut are in here and I can deal with both of those added ingredients), so they are grain, gluten and dairy free.  I got Ginger Molasses flavor and it was quite tasty! I totally got the warming spice from the ginger and I enjoyed it. I finished up my cookies in a flash and had to follow them up with a glass of milk.  Yum.  

Shrewd Food Protein Crisps were in one of the recent boxes I reviewed.  This was actually included as a bonus snack, yay, thanks Fit Snack!  I got Brickoven Pizza and was surprised that these crunchy balls actually held so much flavor!  I tasted cheese, marinara sauce and even detected a hint of that flavor you get on the crunchy, blackened, baked edges of the dough.  Well played Shrewd Food! But really, a savory snack with 14 grams of protein? That's a great snack!

Here's another new to me brand that I was pretty intrigued by!  Bubba's Fine Foods Nana Chips in Blazing Buffalo flavor.  Ok, bananas plus buffalo flavor, I was not so sure this would work out but I was totally blown away by how much I liked these. The banana chip flavor is totally taken over by the buffalo spice seasoning and what you end up with in texture and almost taste is a thick potato chip.  YUMM.  And the buffalo seasoning was done right - just the perfect amount of heat plus that vinegary flavor.  I am totally on board with this brand and will be stocking up for my kids lunch boxes.  These nana chips are paleo, gluten free and vegan! 

It's been a while since I received gum to review and I was excited to see one in my box!  The Humble Co Lemon Chewing Gum is a brand created by dentists specifically to eliminate the plastic base.  This gums made with old natural ingredients and a gum base from trees.  It's naturally good for your teeth and breath.  Love the idea behind it.  Loved the lemon flavor.  It was strong and bright and sweet.  The consistency of the gum was a bit thicker and stickier than most plastic-based gums.  The only downside I can mention is that the flavor only lasted about 5 minutes. 

And now on to the last product in my December box.  Here was have pureLYFT, an all natural caffeine stick.  You can use this two ways, peel and stir your drink or pop and pour in to your drink.  This energy stick will provide you with an all-natural energy boost from 125mg of caffeine.  There are 4 flavors available and I received 2.  These are totally perfect for gym bags, work bags, purses...anywhere you want to toss them.  Their sturdy design will hold up to the test!  But as you know, I don't drink caffeine...only as much as is in a decaf cup of coffee.  It makes me feel sick and I am breastfeeding a newborn so that's just not my cup of anything right now.  I can't speak to how well these work but I can appreciate the ingenuity of the product design.  

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