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Fit Snack Box: November 2018

Good morning and happy weekend!  What do you have in store for yourself this Saturday?  I'm going to a French Market (it's my feeble attempt to relive being at a real French Market a few years ago) but I am looking forward to it.  Then soccer and gymnastics.  Sunday has a Santa Race and dinner at a German Beer House.  And I'll be walking as much as possible because I need to get in 53 miles still this month!  Thankfully with the tasty and healthy snacks I get in these Fit Snack boxes I am well nourished and ready to tackle all my walks.  I eat some before, some after, some during.  It makes a difference so check the snack you choose wisely to give you what you need to make it through the day. You can try out Fit Snack with a 30% off your first box by using my link HERE.  Let's check out with that November box had for us!

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I wanted to start out with the Anew Toasted Muesli.  This is a blueberry ginger flavor and I was eager to taste it.  But then my eyes spotted the dreaded ingredient...coconut!  But I was a big girl and gave it a try anyways.  I am happy to say that it was absolutely delicious.  Because it's toasted everything is nice and toasty and crunchy.  The coconut is thinly shaved and crunchy, the flavor was quite delish!  There were lots of blueberries in there but I didn't notice a ginger flavor.  It's going to be a perfect addition to yogurt for breakfast.  Thumbs up from me!

Intakt Snacks is a cheese lovers delight!  These are crunchy and tasty cheese snacks.  They are like little crunchy balls of yum.  They are high protein, low carb, no sugar added, gluten free, keto friendly and all natural.  I love the salty, cheesy taste.  Perfect in lieu of a plate of cheese and crackers.  Two thumbs up!

Zest Tea makes some amazing sounding tea flavors!  These are high caffeine energy teas, if you have followed my posts at all you will know that I don't do caffeine.  It makes me feel bad and I'm currently breastfeeding so I stick to decaf.  Sadly didn't try these, but I did take a sniff and they both smelled so good.  I received a bag of The Blue Lady - a blend of orange, lemon, passion fruit and hibiscus and Pomegranate Mojito - a blend peppermint, lime and pomegranate.  I passed these along to the ladies in my husbands office, if I hear back from them on the taste I will fill you in.  

IQ Bar is the perfect brain food! It's the only bar optimized for cognitive performance.  There are 6 functional nutrients: Lion's Mane Extract, Omega - 3S, Flavanoids, Vitamin - E, Magnesium and Prebiotic Fiber.  These bars are also Keto, Paleo and Vegan friendly!  I got the Blueberry Sunflower Lemon bar and it was mighty tasty.  I could visibly see the blueberries/blueberry juice on the bar.  And my tongue detected a perfect blend of sweet and salt.  I have to say, another thumbs up from me!  

Here's a returning brand, Love Grown Foods.  This is the brand that makes cereal, out of BEANS!  that blows my mind!  What blows my mind even more is that the cereal is really delicious.  Last time I tried the cinnamon Lion Loops and this time I got the chocolatey Comet Crispies.  Another tasty treat and no hint of bean flavor at all.  My kids love cereal, and eat at least 2-3 bowls for breakfast.  I think I need to switch to this bean blend cereal because it will be more filling.  Yup, more thumbs up from me! 

Another returner, Nothin' But! Quick Fix Bars.  These were a bonus snack, voted as a favorite in the monthly survey.  I received both of these flavors in the August/September box also.  The cherry cranberry bar was a perfect blend of sweet and tart.  I liked the granola in there too.  I did not try the coconut bar, because I have a weird adversity to the texture and taste of coconut.  These are perfect to toss in your gym bag to squash any hunger pangs you have before or after your workout.  Thumbs up again over here (my thumbs are getting tired).  

I have a love/hate relationship with the meat products in the Fit Snack boxes.  There is a fine line between creating a nourishing and tasty meat snack and one that is just rubbish.  So with much hesitation I bit into the Dietz and Watson Landjaegers Original Smoked Swiss Sausage Snack.  Oh thank you Lort, it was delicious! So good in fact that I immediately told my jerky loving son about this and that he needed to try it.  This is a semi-dried sausage that's been seasoned and cured.  Can you guess what I thought of this snack?  You'd be right if you guessed 2 thumbs up.  

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