Sunday, December 2, 2018

Makeup Review: Younique, November Kudos

Evening!  It was wet out today!  My boys both had to play soccer in the rain, I remember how much fun that was but I also remember how freezing cold I'd be afterward. Good thing they both had dry clothes to change in to on the way home!  Anywho...tonight I have more fun makeup to share with you.  I've tried several products from Younique in the past and there are a few things I buy consistently - like mascara.  Well, after purchasing the November Kudos I have a new favorite product that will be repurchased several times over!  The monthly Kudos is a bundle of products that go together and you get them for a slight discount. I liked that I was able to select the color of each product in the Kudos so I wasn't stuck with 2 awesome, skin tone complimentary products and one that made no sense.  The November Kudos is gone now but you can get the December Kudos or any of the products here (minus the purple mascara), individually.  PS - you should check out the December Kudos, it has a magical silver metallic liquid wants!  Well, let's check out the November Kudos!

*nothing to disclose*

THIS is my favorite new product!  It's the Cleansing Stick and boy oh boy have I been missing out on having this product in my arsenal!  It's essentially a makeup remover in balm form.  I've mainly used it to get rid of leftover mascara and raccoon eyes and it works SO well! I don't know about you but sometimes I still have some mascara remnants under my lashes after I wash my face or shower.  Annoying!  But with this stick balm cleanser you just rub a little on (directly on to the leftover makeup), grab a wet wash cloth and wipe off!  All the leftover eye makeup comes right off with it!  So easy! It will also be great to remove long lasting lipstick, lip stain and other makeup products.  This is absolutely a product I will replace when it is gone.  You can get a Cleansing Stick for  $29.  

I haven't bought (or worn) an eyeliner in ages.  I don't know why I never do...maybe because I feel inadequate putting it on, like I never properly learned?  Or maybe because I feel like it makes my eyes look smaller instead of larger?  I dunno but I decided I wanted to try it out again and picked the Moodstruck Precision Pencil in Passionate.  It's a nice, medium toned purple with subtle shimmer to it - doesn't show up.  The pencil was creamy and applied smoothly with no tugging on my lids.  Guess what...I loved the color too!  I'm going to try to wear it more often so I feel "dressed up".  You can purchase the Moodstruck Pencil in Passionate or 10 other colors for $15.

And this was the product that convinced me to buy the November Kudos.  I haven't worn a colored mascara since high school and I always loved them.  I figured I'd love it again and I totally did!  The Moodstruck Epic Mascara in Purple was a special product for this Kudos. I am not sure if it will make a comeback at some point or if other colors will be released but for now you can only get the mascara in brown, black and black waterproof. They are $24 each.  The mascara applied well, lots of color payoff, easy coverage. But it was hard for me to tell if my lashes looked full or longer after use since the color isn't as "in your face" as black.  But I liked it enough that those things didn't matter and I will absolutely rock the purple mascara again.  

And last but not least, the November Kudos had Moodstruck Splash Liquid Lipstick.  There are 16 colors available and I went with the neutral Sublime.  I didn't want to have on eyes and lips even though my eye makeup was still tame.  But I was very please with how nicely they went together for a cohesive look.  The Splash lipsticks are silky liquid lipsticks that go on smooth and even and have a matte finish.  It's not a hugely obvious matte, it's more noticeable that it's not a glossy lipstick.  Thankfully my lips never felt dried out or flakey, as some matte lipsticks tend to do.  The Splash Liquid Lipsticks are $27 each.  

Here's a quick swatch of all product except the Cleansing Stick on my arm.  

And here's a horrible picture of me rocking all 3 products.  I'll have to get a short video using the cleansing stick so you can see how fantastic it is!  

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