Thursday, November 29, 2018

Londontown Lakur; Gel Genius Base Coat

Evening all!  It's a quiet night in the house tonight.  We are doing homework, playing on the iPad, watching Elf, eating cookies.  So while all is calm it's a great time to share a post with you.  Tonight's is about a new product from Londontown called Gel Genius Base Coat.  You are likely familiar with Gel Genius Top Coat, a most fabulous and award winning topcoat that has a thicker formula and really gives you an uber glossy finish while making your nails feel extra strong.  Well the Base Coat is just as amazing, especially when it comes to leaving my nails feeling strong.  When used together I think I'll have some "tough as nails" nails!  You can purchase the Gel Genius Base Coat now for $20 OR you can pick up the Gel Like Set of Base Coat and Top Coat for $29 (great deal!).  Let's check it out.  

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Here is the Gel Genius Base Coat.  Let's go through the details!  While it acts and looks like a gel there is no UV light required and you don't need to soak it for removal.  It's formulated to adhere to the Londontown color you choose to extend wear time and shine.  And finally the Gel Genius Base Coat helps create a strong barrier to prevent breakage.  YES!  I 100% agree with the third statement as I put this on my nails over a week ago and just left them as is - a clear, glossy manicure.  My nails felt (for lack of a better word) strong!  Even now that I removed the base coat a few days ago, I can tell how much they benefited from wearing it.  And of course it's quick drying, always a bonus when it comes to nail products.  I'm typically not one to even bother with a base coat but I think this one has totally change my mind.  I am going to start using the Gel Genius Base Coat every time I paint!

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