Saturday, November 10, 2018

Makeup Review: NYX LE Sugar Trip Collection - Paradise Fluff Ombre Highlighter - Sweet Custard & Lip Oil - Carnival Ride

Good morning, happy Saturday!  I'm at home, resting, relaxing, sleeping, cleaning, eating, watching tv.  I'm usually on the go but for now, I'm just laying low and enjoying the down time.  Earlier last week I swung y the Nordstrom Rack and picked up some new makeup.  I saw a cute display for the NYX Paradise Fluff collection, I believe it's the holiday collection?  Don't quote me on that - it's not a brand I follow so I have to do some sleuthing and see what other bloggers have said about the collection.  Anyways, the Sugar Trip collection has a few smaller collections within in featuring tins with lip products, shadows, lippie sets, highlighters, all packaged so cute and perfect for gifting.  I have been mildly obsessing over highlighter and typically get very light pink ones but saw this one and decided to give it a try.  I also couldn't resist the lip oil because I have a problem with owning way too many lipsticks and lipgloss and lip balm and all the lip products.  Anyways, as I said, there are a bunch of other products in this collection, they range from $6 - $55.  While I found these at the Nordstrom Rack, they are also at NYX, Ulta, Target, Kohls.  Let's check them out!

*nothing to disclose*

Up first is Paradise Fluff Ombre Highlighter in Sweet Custard.  It's a gorgeous tri-colored highlighter with a nude shade, apricot to a deep peach tone.  I genuinely thought this would be too dark for me but it was absolutely it was made for me!  When blended together I got the perfect golden peach glow.  It applied so nicely with a fan highlighter brush.

And then there's the Paradise Fluff Lip Oil in Carnival Ride.  It's a lovely shade of pink in a tiled oil formula.  I haven't tried lip oil before but found this one lovely.  I enjoyed the tint, the actual formula didn't seem oily at all, just reminded me of a smooth, non-sticky lipgloss.  It doesn't have a doe foot applicator, but it's similar, more like a wand brush.

The Lip Oil and Ombre Highlighter in artificial light.

Again in natural light. 

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  1. Love products from that company. Highlighter is extremely good