Monday, November 19, 2018

Makeup Review: Sara Happ Sugar & Shine Kit

Alright, I've been sitting at home, not capable of doing much with only one free arm/hand.  But you know what I can do?  Shop online.  And I'm mastering it like a total champ.  Black Friday sales will be my B-word.  I did some finger stretches while perusing the holiday gift beauty sets at Nordstrom and really, really wanted this set from Sara Happ.  Sara Happ was the very fist lip scrub that I tried and to this day is still my absolute favorite.  It's the perfect amount of grittiness to oil ratio to leave my lips feeling soft and smooth.  So yeah, I have my fair share of pots of lip scrub, but this set had scrub in tubes!  HELLO you will be so easy to use and make my life better so I had to get it.  This set is actually 2 scrubs and 1 lip gloss.  to be more specific; 1 The Lip Scrub in Hot Cocoa, 1 The Lip Scrub in Pink Marshmallow and 1 The Lip Slip in Whipped Vanilla Gloss.  You can purchase the Sugar & Shine set from Sara Happ directly or from Nordstrom like I did for $38.  Trust me, your lips will be so happy you did.  

*nothing to disclose*

Ok first off the set has super cute packaging.  The gold looks nice with the 3 tubes inside and the colors all coordinate.  Second, there is this little ribbon tied into a loop and bow so you can hang it on a tree or the it to the outside of a package.  Perfect for gifting!

Here are the 3 tubes of goodies!  2 The Lip Scrubs in Hot Cocoa and Pink Marshmallow and 1 The Lip Slip in Whipped Vanilla Gloss.  

Directions for using The Lip Scrub.  "Massage a generous amount onto lips using a firm, circular motion.  Wipe away with a tissue."  Couldn't be easier!  

Directions for using The Lip Slip.  "After exfoliating with The Lip Scrub, smooth a generous amount of this luxe gloss onto lips.  Let the shine & hydration begin."  

Hot Cocoa is a deliciously scented scrub.  Smells (and tastes) exactly like melted chocolate or a cup or hot cocoa. I feel the formula in the tube is slightly more oily than the formula of the scrub in the jar, but that only makes sense since it needs to squeeze out for use.  It's still a much better scrub than most others out there, plus it's way more convenient.  Otherwise, I liked the new tube formula, it still has a great grit to oil ratio and it was much easier to use than the jar.  

Pink Marshmallow is another very sweet scent/taste.  But I was left wondering, what does "pink" taste like?  Strawberry?  Raspberry?  Cotton Candy?  This one did have a nice, faint marshmallow scent and flavor but I don't know that the pink was.  I guess I'll leave it up to you to figure out.  

And then we have The Lip Slip.  I have the original Lip Slip, the pink, glittery, thick gloss that came in a jar.  The glitter had an actual texture on my lips and left behind a weird film when I'd get up and wash my face in the mornings.  I didn't use it much.  This is nothing like that!  It's lightly scented with vanilla, has a delicate shimmery sparkle to it - no chunky glitter bits here.  I do still think it's a pretty thick and sticky gloss but it's really pretty and lasts a long time!  

Top to bottom: Hot Cocoa, Pink Marshmallow, Whipped Vanilla

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