Thursday, November 15, 2018

Makeup Review: RMS Beauty, Living Luminizer

Good morning lovelies!  As you can tell, I've been a bit crazy over makeup lately.  One product in particular that I can't seem to get enough of is highlighter!  I have a good assortment of them and rotate through, always having a different highlighted look.  One day while out shopping with a friend I spotted this nice looking brand, RMS Beauty.  The clean packaging was what initially drew me in, bit the ease of use is what sealed the deal. Guys, I have never been a girly-girl.  I am not a pro at putting on makeup and couldn't do a good blend job to save my life.  I wear the bare minimum and one of the major factors that makes me pull the trigger on a purchase is if the product is easy to use.  Cream highlighter that I can apply with my fingertips definitely fits the bill!  You can purchase RMS Beauty from several places so I will just link their main website below.  I'd highly suggest perusing their website because all their products look really great.  You can pick up Living Luminizer for $38. Let's check it out!

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RMS Beauty: Shop, Facebook, Instagram

Remember I said the packaging was nice?  So simple and clean!  I like that the list of ingredients isn't a mile long.  But I mostly like that this product couldn't be easier to use.  Living Luminizer is a cream product that illuminizes your skin wherever you put it on.  It's a whitesh, shimmery highlighter that leaves behind a perfectly translucent, pearly finish.  It's lovely!  Thankfully it's not sticky or greasy at all, just a nice moisturizing layer that also leaves you feeling beautiful.  I apply it with my fingertips and lightly rub it in to get that perfect glow.

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