Friday, November 9, 2018

Makeup Review: NudeStix; Creator's Palette

Evening!  So I haven't "really" posted in a week, I've just been sharing posts that I previously wrote and scheduled while I was in the hospital having a baby!  I officially had my sweet little Liam, my number 4, on 11/3.  So hang with me as I'll likely be MIA for a bit, randomly posting things as I can while the baby sleeps or I have extra arms to help hold him.  I have plenty of things to work through in my possession but probably won't be accepting new items for review until after the New Year.  So tonight I have a fun makeup brand to share.  I heard about Nudestix from bloggers who went to CPNA over the summer.  I clicked the brand link and was then completely big brothered on social media and my news feed was flooded with the brand.  I gave in, they won.  But I'm glad I did because I wear these every day!  The concept, in the simplest terms, is makeup in stick form.  Lipstick, blush, concealer, highlighter.  This is the Creator's Palette.  I'm guessing that the people behind these 6 shades work for Nudestix?  But it was the colors that drew me in.  Super pretty shades that look great for every occasion.  Freckle was the one that sealed the deal...I needed Freckle.  It's the one I wear the most.  You can purchase the Creator's Palette HERE for $59...if not for you, maybe a fantastic Christmas present!

*nothing to disclose*

Nudestix: Shop, Facebook, Instagram

I really like that all the Nudestix you purchase come in a nifty tin.  Great for packing up for travel or in your purse.  And in my short ives experience, you will want to keep them in the tin because if the lid comes off in your purse it's a total mess...yeah, that happened to me.  

Another great thing is that the "pencil" products come with a sharpener.  Handy!

The LE Creator's Palette is 6 Magnetic Matte Lip Colors.  As you can see by the description below, they are tattoo-like, staining the lips with saturated color and great lasting power.  

Love their brand motto - Go nude, but better.  All their products are natural shades that will help you create the perfect nude look for you. 

Each lippie is labeled with the name and the color.  I think that's great because it makes finding the color you specifically want so much easier!

Here's the handy little sharpener!

This is what the actual stick looks like.  It applies very easily, as it's like a soft pencil.  And the color payoff is fantastic!  You an go light or full coverage, and you can use the Nudestix as a liner and lipstick!  I will say that after wearing for a few hours my lips got a little dried out and flakey.  I'm sure if I applied a balm they would get fixed right up, but thought you should know that bit.

Here are the colors in the Creator's Palette, top to bottom: Freckle, Go Girl, Joyce, Baby K, Montaigne, Sonoran.

And here's a horribly blurry picture of me wearing Freckle.  Bad pic but I simply adore this color the most of them all!  I also really like Sonoran and Joyce for the current season!

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