Friday, November 2, 2018

Makeup Review: Hard Candy Look Pro Eyeshadow Palettes; Neutral Eyes, Feelin' Mauvey & Don't Dull My Shine

Afternoon dears!  Got a nice makeup post to share with you today! Unless you live under a rock I'm sure you have heard of Hard Candy - whether it be because of their cute little polishes with the plastic rings on top or because of their totally affordable makeup line.  I have some of that great makeup in my possession now and talk about great shades for a great price.  You can purchase these fabulous Hard Candy Look Pro palettes at Walmart for $10 each.  Head over and see what you can find!  Let's jump in to the post.

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Going to start with the Look Pro Neutral Eyes Palette.  This is a great mix of matte and shimmer shadows in natural shades that make for great daily wear.  You'll be able to pull off so many looks using this palette and you'll never look overdone.  I like how the back of the packaging tells the names of the shadows.

Here's a better look at the shadows with the lid open.  I will absolutely use all of these colors in my daily (or close to daily)  makeup wear.  

Swatched them on my arm, you can see they are a nice color payoff and a good variety of colors.  I see lid, brown bone and crease colors all in this one palette.  I actually wore 3 or 4 of these shades later in the day and found that the color payoff is even better and more vibrant with the use of a shadow primer.  So I'd definitely recommend that.  You might also need to clean up a bit of the sparkle fall out too, nothing too major.  

And here's the Look Pro Feelin' Mauvey Palette.  This one is another great neutral palette but has more pink shades in it.  More easily worn colors for pretty, casual looks on the daily.  You can also amp these up for a more dramatic look by using the darker colors to create a smokey eye.  

Again, the colors are all named on the back of the packaging.  

Some simple directions for a finished look.  

Here are my arm swatches, this palette showed up much lighter than the other.  Again, I did not use a shadow primer, but if I had the colors would have been more vibrant.  I did have shimmer fall out again so be prepared to clean that up a bit.  

And last but not least is the super fun Look Pro Don't Dull My Shine Glitter Eyeshadow Palette.  While I love all these colors they are definitely not ones that I would grab for on a regular basis.  Maybe for Halloween or some type of costume party event.  I ended up letting my daughter have this one and she was over the moon excited to play with all the colors (WHY do little girls gravitate towards blue shadow??!!).  Everything in this palette is'll look like a bonafide unicorn!  

Once again, shadow names on the back of the package.  

This palette has a little click button the you push to open it, different from the other 2 palettes in this post.  

Better picture of the color family.  

And the arm swatches!  LOTS of sparkly fall out here.  You will definitely need a shadow primer or the colors will just be mediocre, if you're wearing these you really want that color pop!  

I did some eyes with the Neutral Eyes Palette, looks really natural and I liked it.  Applied nice and smooth.  

I believe I have on 4 shades here, brown is my jam.  It's pretty much the only shadow color I wear.  

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