Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Makeup Review: French Girl Le Lip Tint & Lip Polish

Evening friends!  I've back with ANOTHER makeup review!  What is this?  My makeup Obsession??!!  Strangely enough, I hardly buy makeup, and when I do I end up barely using it.  I'm just weird like that.  But I have had a hankering to purchase new makeup a lot lately, probably because I follow so many beauty blogs the are showcasing all the fantabulous holiday sets right now. I was shopping in a local Madewell store and saw they had a small beauty/skin care line sitting on a shelf and I was quite intrigued.  I am a bit of a lip scrub addict and have lip balms spilling out of all my pockets and purses at any given time.  So I had to snag both the Rose Lip Polish and the Le Lip Tint.  Both products are from a line called French Girl and I'll admit it was another factor that led to me having to buy and try these.  You can purchase the Rose Lip Polish and Le Lip Tint from Madewell for $15/$16 or from the French Girl Organics site for $18 each.  French Girl Organics is a bit pricier (which I find odd) but you get more lip tint color selections there.  Alrighty, let's check them out!

*nothing to disclose*

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Let's start with the French Girl Rose Lip Polish.  It's a rose/peppermint scented sugar scrub made with coconut oil, shea butter and essential oils.  I like the list of ingredients but I don't think it worked as well as it could have...the scrub was too oily and "loose" overall.  When I used it on my lips I didn't get a deep exfoliation but somehow it was enough to leave my lips feeling soft and supple.  I will say that my lips were completely moisturized after use, but I still prefer a drier scrub that has more grit to it.  I'll keep this around to use in a pinch though because I did like the scent!  

Le Lip Tint in Violette is the other product I purchased.  Hi, my name is Jen and I'm a lip balm addict.  I especially love lip balms with a wash of color because HULLO, I'm all done up with an easy swipe of the lip balm tube.  So this product is another rose/peppermint scented item that's full of shea butter, plant and essential oils.  Vioelette is a berry shade with just a touch of golden shimmer.  Pretty and natural color.  I love that its just a color wash, not too much.  And I like that the mint blend leaves my lips feeling cool.  It glides on nice and smooth and lasts pretty well.  I have used this one a lot and will happily try the other shades!  

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