Sunday, November 4, 2018

Envy Lacquer; Very Important Mermaid

Hullo again!  Keeping up with my plan to get all my drafts out of my que, I have another oldie post to share with you today!  Another beautiful polish from The Indie Shop held in San Francisco back in July 2017.  Swatching these polishes and looking a them again makes me so bummed that NorCal gets the shaft with all the nail polish conventions.  San Francisco is a huge city, as are most cities in the Bay Area.  There are plenty of other things to do here once the convention is over.  But I guess we get no love so don't mind me, I'll just go kick rocks.  Anywho, Envy is the brand that organizes TIS and usually has a few show exclusives for sale, Very Important Mermaid was one of those for the San Fran event.  Of course, this is no longer available but I wold highly suggest you keep watch on the upcoming TIS events and especially the event exclusive products - they are always lovely!

*nothing to disclose*

Envy Lacquer: Website/Shop, FacebookInstagram
The Indie Shop: Facebook

Very Important Mermaid is a super pretty opalescent green holo.  It's reminiscent of an abalone shell with it's green, gold and mint colors.  It has a nice linear holo finish too.  The formula was a touch sheer but it applied nicely and within 3 coats I was happy with the coverage.  I finished with a layer of topcoat.


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