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Fit Snack; August/September 2018

Morning and happy Monday.  I'll be honest, I am running short on posts and going through older ones that have been in my que. I need to figure out how to get a few minutes here and there to swatch, test and photograph new products.  But for now I'm just going to share what I've got!  One of those things is the August/September Fit Snack Box.  This was the "back to school" box and since I was in fact getting 3 kids ready to go back to school while being uncomfortably pregnant it fell through the cracks.  But I opened it up and was pretty excited to try the new products!  As always, you can save 30% off your first box using my link HERE. While this isn't what items are available in the November box, it gives you an idea of what kinds of snacks you could get.  So let's check them out.

*press sample* 

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Let's start up with a familiar product, Pasta Chips.  I've tried these before, they are chips made out of the same ingredients as pasta!  Great alternative to chips, but 60% less fat and 120 calories per serving.  I've tried the more bold flavors but the simple sea salt ones are my favorites.

Nothin' But! Quick Fix Bars had 2 flavors for me to sample.  Cherry Cranberry Almond  and Chocolate Coconut Almond were the Quick Fix Bars I got.  I only tried the cranberry one (because if you've followed my Fit Snack journey you'll know I dislike most food items with coconut in them).  The bar was sweet and tart, really delish and definitely something I would keep on hand for a quick snack. Quick Fix Bars are made with wholesome ingredients, and they're super easy to toss in your gym or after school sports bag and go!  As a busy mom of 4, I'm all for the easy, on-the-go snacks that are made with real food ingredients.  I'm totally eyeballin' those cookie bites on the website!!

Nutiva makes another product that you may be familiar with, a chocolate hazelnut spread.  It's delicious and amazing.  I was looking for coconut oil in the store for baking one day and there are so many choices I had no idea which to chose, then saw Nutiva Virgin Coconut Oil and thought, AH HA!  A brand I actually recognize so I bought it.  Then I saw that these handy little single serving packets of coconut oil were included in the Fit Snack box.  This oil really is great for baking and I've used it to make "tropical" flavored rice that the kids love (it's not really tropical but the coconut flavor does come though).  

The last box I reviewed (November) had RX Nut Butter in it also.  Vanilla Almond I believe.  Well my initial thought was, oooh! this will be great to throw in my running pack and to have as a quick snack instead of Gu because Gu is super gross.  Well, there is no way that would work out because the packet of nut butter itself requires too much kneading and even after kneading it comes out super liquid and oily.  So while I appreciate that it's packed with 9 grams of protein and the ingredients are listed right the front of the package, it's not an easy to use snack whether on the go or at home.  If this comes in a jar I think it would fare much better.  

I have tried this before.  It's Foods Alive Lemon Chia-Crunch.  Are you a fan of chia?  I don't like it when it's wet and slimy.  But I do like it when it's dried and on top of an acai bowl or in a cracker for added crunch.  That's just what these tasty crackers are...full of crunch!  Also full of plant based ingredients for some feel good, vegan power food.  I found these to be crunchy, lemony and overall very tasty!  

Here's a new to me food brand!  Shrewd Food Protein Crisps in Baked Cheddar flavor.  I was expecting these to taste like cheesiest or cheetos puffs or something along those lines.  I'd gamble that my assumption was fairy close and the cheese flavor was pretty good.  What got me was the texture of the crunch, almost as if they'd been baked a little too long and were past crunchy to borderline hard.  I had to work to bit them in half.  But, it's more the taste the I find important in the snacks so I'll give that a good thumbs up.  Also, you get a whopping 14 grams pf protein per serving with this snack!  

My oldest son was very excited for this one, because he knew water I tasted it, he would get to toss it in his backpack for a tasty snack at school.  I have tried plenty of jerky brands through Fit Snack, but Wicked Cutz is a first for me.  I too have to admit that I was excited to try the turkey jerky in korean style bbq flavor.  This jerky was juicy, tender, moist, so much better than most other dried out meat products.  Plus, it didn't taste like turkey at all, I wouldn't even have know it was if I hadn't read the label first.  So two thumbs up from me and my son also really like it so thumbs up from him too.  

This is something that I was pretty surprised to see in the Fit Snack box.  Surprised in a good way because it was super delicious!  Candy Pop Popcorn with Butterfinger.  I know you're thinking, how is this a good for you snack?  Well, it's only 140 calories per serving and it will totally satisfy your sweet and salty cravings.  It's like the popcorn you get at the movies (do you pour candy on your popcorn too?) but significantly lower numbers.  Checking out their website I see there is also a thing called Cookie Pop and it sounds equally amazing.  

And last but not least...I hit the tea jackpot with Vaham 100% Pure Indian Teas.  These are packages of assorted loose leaf teas and there are A LOT of them!  So let's get on with the long list!  I had packages of all of the following included: sweet himalayan detox green tea, ear grey citrus black tea, darjeeling daily summer black tea, assam exotic second flush back tea, cardamom masala chai spiced black tea, himalayan breakfast black tea, high mountain darjeeling oolong tea, himalayan organic green tea, original chai masala chai spiced black tea and blue mountain nigiri white tea.  Phew!  It's going to take me forever to drink all of those!  And as I've mentioned before my body doesn't do well with caffeine so I have to take it slow and easy trying them all out.  

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