Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Makeup Review: Milk Makeup

Good morning!   I can't believe it's December 5th!  I am so behind on all the stuff I need to do!  Shop for presents, cookie ingredients, bake cookies, mail out Christmas cards...I don't even have a tree yet! Argh!  I just watched Bad Moms Christmas and I totally relate - Christmas is so stressful, there is so much pressure to make and do everything perfectly.  Makes me dislike the holiday - guess I can't shake that Grinch vibe this year, oh well.  Something that makes me feel less Grinchy is playing with new makeup.  I have purchased a few Milk Makeup items in the past and saw they were a featured brand on Haute Look recently so I took the discounted opportunity to get some more things to give a try!  Let's jump in and check out what I purchased...but I will say that I liked them all and will absolutely buy more products from this brand!

*nothing to disclose*

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As you can see from the picture above, I picked out 5 items.  3 lippies, a highlighter and an all over balm.  Below are the colors/names.

I'm going to start with the Holographic Stick in Mars.  It's an all over highlighter stick that is so easy to use due to it's twist up stick tube applicator.  I loved the soft golden-peachy glow it gives me above my cheek bones.  It would look great on my clavicle also!  Really you can swipe in on anywhere.  My only beef is that it is not holographic.  Brands often mistake shimmery and iridescent for holographic.  Holographic is what you see in the Milk label on the tube.  The Holographic Stick will cost you $28.

I also picked up a Holographic Lip Gloss in Mars. I do prefer this color to Supernova, which I find a bit too cool for me.  I was worried the lip gloss was gong to give me super frosty lips and I'd wear this once and it would get lost in my pit of lipstick that I never wear, but it was gorgeous!  The softest touch of peachy-pink with shimmer, and I ended up with a really natural looking neutral lip.  You can wear it alone or over another color to change things up.  Goes on nice and smooth and wears fairly well!  It lasted through dinner and only needed a touch up.  Holographic Lip Gloss is $24.  There are 2 shades available.  

Another lippie!  This is a Liquid Metal in Slayer.  It's a beautiful, deep berry color with a metallic finish.  I'm basically obsessed with it. Perfect color for the holiday and Winter!  It's a nice thick formula and applies nice and even.  Liquid Metals are $24.  There are 4 shades to pick from.  

The last lippie I picked is Lip Vinyl in Flossy.  This is a hybrid formula - like a lipstick and a gloss.  You get lots of shine and loads of color!  Flossy is a beautiful and natural looking mauve brown, prefect for every day wear.  This one did feel a little thick and sticky to me but not to the extent that I wouldn't wear it.  You can get the Lip Vinyl for $24.  There are 6 shades to choose from.  

And the last product I picked from the Haute Look sale is the Hero Salve. It's one of those do it all balm type products that you can put everywhere.  I have only used it a few times so far but where I did try it out, my skin was left soft and hydrated.  I do feel it was a bit oily, but most balms you can use on your whole body are - it soaks in fairly quickly. There is no scent so it's friendly for those with sensitive noses.  Funny thing, I checked out the Milk Makeup site and this product is no where to be found, so maybe it was on the Haute Look sale site because they discontinued the product.  

And since I didn't have a chance to take a horrible selfie to show you the lipsticks, here they all are on my arm.  Top to bottom: Holographic Stick in Mars, Holographic Lip Gloss in Mars, Liquid Metal in Slayer, Lip Vinyl in Flossy.  

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