Thursday, December 20, 2018

Beauty Big Bang: Orange Duochrome Chameleon Stamping Polish SKU J6504TM-4A

Evening!  Today 2 of my kids were home for Christmas break.  It was mice to not rush around.  My morning was wake up, breakfast, nap.  Rough life, I know.  But I got my other kid from school, made it to gymnastics and even got in my walk. So as I relax on the couch, watching TV, it's time to share a post with you!  I've had a few products from Beauty Big Bang sitting in my "to swatch" bin for a bit now, but with the baby's arrival and figuring out how to maneuver the day with 4 kids and the holidays I am just now getting to them.  My first post is this gorgeous Chameleon Stamping Polish in Orange Multichrome 004, SKU J6504TM-4A.  It's available now for $3.79 and you can pick it up HERE!  To sweeten the deal, you can save 10% using my code Obsession.

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The Orange Duochrome Chameleon 004 stamping polish is a gorgeous duochrome all on its own.  But I love that it's opaque enough to stamp with and you can even see some of the shift in the images.  I do have to say that I don't see orange.  But I do see brown, gold, red (so that technically makes it a multichrome).  I used the chameleon stamping polish over a nude-pink shade (Morgan Taylor Hollywood's Sweetheart) and used the Cute Cat Dog Pattern Nail Plate from Beauty Big Bang (link HERE).  I couldn't resist the adorable French Bulldog images so I used those.  I especially loved the mommy dog holding the puppy so I placed that one off center and added a red heart.  The stamping polish worked great and showed up nicely.  My brush was a bit wonky but I know that is probably a one-off case.  I finished up with topcoat.

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