Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Alter Ego: July 2019 Group Custom - Son of Land and Sea

Good morning friends.  Plugging along this week, trying to get all the things I need to do in my life done.  Trying to be good at adulting.  Why is it so hard?  Why can't I just eat ice cream for breakfast and stay up all night long?  Because my kids are watching me and it's a bad example, womp.  Fine, I'll eat real meals, I'll wear pants.  But I'm still going to play with nail polish!  So let's do that.  Today I have the July Group Custom for the Alter Ego fan group.  It's Son of Land and Sea and the color is perfectly sea-like.  You can purchase this lovely and sparkly polish through July for $8.50.  And my code: My Nail Polish Obsession will get you 20% off.  Let's dive in and see this polish! 

*press sample*

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Alright ladies and gents, there are 3 reasons you want to purchase Son of Land and Sea.  1. you like blue nail polish.  2. you like sparkles.  3. you like Jason Momoa, who was the inspiration for this polish. Seriously, I've said all I needed to say and I'm just going to end with Jason Momoa.

Alright fine I'll say more.  Son of Land and Sea is a beauty.  It's a sparkly aqua shade that is reminiscent of tropical waters.  I did find it a bit sheer with the first coat but it built up well in 3 coats. I would suggest to wait for each coat to dry completely before adding the next as you could get some bunching at the tips of your nails. I finished up with topcoat.  

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  1. I fully agree on skipping pants 😂😂 great shots of this beauty

  2. This is a gorgeous polish! Immediately when I read the name I though of Auqaman! Lol.

  3. The glitteriness in this is so perfect!

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