Thursday, July 4, 2019

July 2019 Polish Pickup; Flashback

Hey hey hey!  Popping up from my busy "kids staying at home because it's summer" mom life.  But don't worry your little heads, I have been swatching up a storm and have lots to show you in the next weeks.  But right now the most important thing is the July Polish Pickup.  If you remember last year you know that July is a Rewind of sorts - a Flashback to the fan favorites.  How were these chosen you ask?   Well, these were all voted on in the private Facebook fan groups and now you will have a chance to snatch up those ever popular ones that sold out too fast, or that you waffled on for too long and the site closed (I have a few of them).  But this year it's a bit different.  1 Flashback shade will be available on the PPU site and a second shade will be available on the individual brand sites, the After Party - I'll put those in a separate post. You heard that right, each brand has TWO (2) retuning polishes!  IPU is in on the fun also with returning favorites.  The Pickups are open 7/5 - 7/8!  I will share whatever I have pictures and past posts for....SO...let's check out what's coming back!
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Dreamland Lacquer is bringing back the gorgeous You Look Like Seafood.  You can see my original post on it HERE. And here's are two pictures of it showing off those gorgeous flakes and shimmer.  
You Look Like Seafood, $12, no cap

KBShimmer is bringing back Some Like It Scot.  This is a gorgeous shade inspired by one of my favorite book/TV show series.  You can see my original post HERE.

Some Like it Scot, $10, no cap

Stella Chroma has O, Macron making a comeback.  This polish is so pretty and delicate, just like the delicious cookie that inspired it.  My original post featuring O, Macaron is HERE.  I am showing  pictures with glossy and matte topcoat.  

O, Macaron, $12, no cap

Stella Chroma has a comeback for her famous Emulsified Sugar Scrubs also!  The scent is Moscato and it's a deliciously sweet scent that is also fresh and light.  Refreshing, just like a chilled glass of Moscato!

Moscato Sugar Scrub, $6, no cap

My Indie Polish has their fan favorite, Summer! Nothing better than a stunning, velvety blue with holo!  HERE is my original post. 

Summer, $12.50, no cap

Lollipop Posse made 2.0 versions of both her returning shades!  So let me share a few more pics of the PPU polish with you!  The PPU shade is Spirit of the Kohaku River 2.0.  I didn't have the original one so I only have the new version. It's a gorgeous blue with a bit of teal, full of duo chrome shimmer, scattered holo, and mulitchrome flakes.  This wow'ed me so much when I wore it!  Formula and application were both great, I used 3 thin coats for full coverage and topcoat. 

Spirit of the Kohaku River 2.0, $12, no cap

Alter Ego has a polish and a bath product.  For some reason I don't have her polish but here's the IPU product is the Bath Crumbs in Fantasia scent.  These crumbs allow you to put in just the right amount of bath bomb product in your tub.  The scent is light and fruity.  HERE's my post.  
Bath Crumbs, $7.50, 20 jar cap

ellagee is making a return with her fan favorite, Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum.  Stunning, deep shade of red in a matte finish.  My post with more details is HERE and pictures matte and with glossy topcoat. 

Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum, $12, no cap

This Femme Fatale shade made it in to the 2018 Fan Favorites and it's back AGAIN!  Mermaid Candy wasn't one I received to review but I did buy it because it's so darn pretty.  So I will share it again.  HERE is my post with my thoughts on this one.  
Mermaid Candy, 14, no cap

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  1. You Look Like Seafood, Some Like It Scot, Summer & Spirit Of The Kohaku River 2.0 are my absolute favourites!! You swatches are wonderful as always!