Saturday, July 6, 2019

Born Pretty Summer Stamping Package Review

Good morning and happy Saturday friends!  I woke up late so I'm re-watching the England v Sweden game.  But I'm really excited for tomorrows USA v Netherlands game....eeeeeeee!  USA USA USA!! I'm talking about the Women's World Cup in case you were wondering. So while I watch, I post.  Today I have a fun Summer set that was sent to me from Born Pretty.  It was a total package; stamping plate, stamper, polish, liquid barrier and no smudge topcoat.  I only needed to pull out one of my own stamping polishes to use the kit (I wonder why one wasn't included).  I will share the direct links and price for each product as I get to it.  But for now HERE is the general link for Born Pretty.  And of course you can save 10% using my code JTOW10.  Let's jump in and see the fun items!  

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This lovely pink holo polish is Pink Paradiso, BP-FHS02.  I don't actually see this one on the site, but  I found a couple similar items HERE, HERE and HERE, all under $7.  Application was great, 3 thin coats for full coverage.  And such a lovely shade of pink!  Of course I can't say no to anything holo!  

Next I used the Pink Moisturizing Anti Overflow Glue.  I was really confused as to what this product was when it arrived!  Then I realized it's just liquid latex.  This one didn't have a sku and I can't seem to find it on the site, which is a shame since I felt it was really easy to use.  But I did find a few substitutes, HERE and HERE for under $3.  The glue brushed on evenly and easily.  It didn't clump up in one spot and dried very quickly.  Of course if you touch your fingers together it will start to pull off.  I also felt it did a great job protecting my skin and pulled off easily.  

And this is a fabulous stamper!  It's the Rainbow Handle Holo Clear Nail Stamper, sku 45934 (why are their products always given such long names?).  You can purchase it HERE for $2.59. Look at the pretty holo glitters in the squishy stamper!  So pretty!  And the holder is super pretty multichrome.  So much winning!  But I have a really hard time using squishy stampers like this and could not for the life of me pick up any images.  I had to default to using my trusty little white rectangle stamper that never fails me.  

And then I used the plate, Artist Series Plate sku L007.  You can pick it up HERE For $2.59.  It has some fun, geometric images and tight knit patterns.  I double stamped with a darker pink and a blue.  Turned out pretty cool!  But black or white would have likely showed up better.  

Peeled off the Pink Moisturizing Anti Overflow Glue, had very minimal clean up and my nails look great!  Finished it all off with the No Smudge Topcoat, HERE for $2.99. This topcoat truly works great for nail art.  As many times as I have used it, it NEVER smudges or smears the art or stamping.  

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  1. I think England were unfair with the VAR!!! This polish is gorgeous and I love my holo Stamper 😊

  2. I need to try out that stamper. I don’t always do well with the super squishy stampers either. Love your final look.