Tuesday, July 9, 2019

July 2019 Polish Pickup; The After Party

And now for something new and different!  The Pickups are closed but now we get The After Party!  Each brand participating in July was able to select 2 (TWO) of their most popular sellers and bring them both back.  The PPU shades are gone now thou so if you missed them, you missed them.  Your last chance to snag beautiful polish from the past is on now!  You can shop The After Party at each individual shop.  I will share anything I have previously swatched and link you directly to the site.  Without further adieu, The After Party!!

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Find more info at The Polish Pickup Pack Facebook group HERE.

In no particular order...here are some of the shades available during The After Party!

KBShimmer brought back If You Want My Bodice.  Hello steamy romance novel worthy! And one of my favorite KB's with all it's shimmery, shifty goodness.  HERE's my post and a few pics. 

KBShimmer: If You Want My Bodice, $10

And Stella Chroma's After Party shade is The Whole Brevity Thing.  Such a fabulous 90's, grungy color!  Check out try original post HERE and of course, a few pics to save you time.  There is also a mystery grab bag - 3 past PPU shades for $24!  

Stella Chroma: The Whole Brevity Thing, $12 

But wait there's more from Stella Chroma!  She's also offering up past PPU Sugar Scrub over pours!  You can get scents: Amber Glow, Apollonia, Poppies and Pour Some Water On It!

Stella Chroma: Sugar Scrub Over Pours, $6

Alter Ego brought back my all time favorite shade, Altarf Beta Cancri.  There's something about this bright orange-yellow and red flakes that just draws me in like a tractor beam.  Lucky yous to get a chance to snag it again!  My original post is HERE.

Alter Ego: Altarf Beta Cancri, $8

Alter Ego is also bringing back her Green Apple Wax Melt.  This has a bright, tart scent, much like a granny smith apple.  HERE is my original post featuring this product. 

Alter Ego: Green Apple Wax Melt, $

Dreamland Lacquer has Giverny available for us on her site!  This gorgeous, shimmery, shifty, flakie polish is going to make you swoon!  My original post is HERE. She also has a mystery polish selection with some other PPU shades and a free shipping code...snag 'em up quick!  

Dreamland Lacquer: Giverny, $12

It makes me so happy to see ellagee making a return! This fabulous magenta-pink polish, I Shall Call Him Squishy, will be available for you to purchase again.  If you want to see my original post HERE it is.  

ellagee: I Shall Call Him Squishy, $11

I also had to have this Fairmaiden!  You Got It Dude - because I loved Full House as a kid (and Fuller House now) and HELLO this colors is making my eyes cross and now I can't see.  IT'S SO BRIGHT!   Such a fantastic Summer color.  It's featured in my post HERE

Fairmaiden: You Got It Dude, $11

Different Dimension has only participated a few times (or maybe just this once?) and she's bringing back Dorothy Dandridge!  This goth yet classy beauty hails from Summer 2017 and my post is HERE.  

*will add link once it's available*

Different Dimension: Dorothy Dandridge, $10
Available 7/12

And last but not least - because this is a new version of an old polish, Lollipop Posse Your Name Belongs To Me Now 2.0.  You can see my original post HERE but I also compared the two for you - you can see that they are super similar, barely a noticeable difference.  The navy polish is packed with aurora shimmer, mostly showing off red but also showing green in certain lighting and angles.  Super gorgeous.  Fantastic formula, perfect application!  I used 2 coats and topcoat.  

*will add link once it's available*

Lollipop Posse: Your Name Belongs To Me Now 2.0, $12
Available 7/14



Compared to the original version.  I used 2 coats of each and topcoat.  

Index - 2.0
Middle - original
Ring - 2.0
Pinky - original

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  1. Your swatches are beautiful and they are some really stunning polishes!

  2. Your post is so helpful. Oh man, I love that Ae! Def my favorite of hers!

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