Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Fit Snack Box: June 2019

Hello hello!  It was a long day at the pool for my fam today.  And the weather was a trickster, started out overcast but then the sun came on strong and 3 out of 4 have a bit of a sun burn.  Oops.  Now that they are moisturized up I wanted to jump on and share the June Fit Snack box!  It was a pretty large box, but so many repeats.  Plenty that I like, but I find it more fun to try new products out.  Anywho, this particular box is available until 7/15 and you can save 30% off your first box by following my link HERE!  

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*press sample*

Spudsy Sweet Potato Puffs are a new to me item.  They are puffy chips made our of sweet potatoes.  I got Crunchy Cinnamon flavor and it was tasty.  Reminded me of a popular cinnamon cereal. The turn off for me was the texture - reminded me of Styrofoam.  

Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs are almost a staple in this box lately.  I had this same flavor in April's box, No "Cheese" Cheesiness.  If I recall correctly, it was pretty tasty and I enjoyed it.  I enjoyed it again but this time found the texture a bit off putting.  Again, a bit like Styrofoam.  If I receive this product again I hope I get a new flavor, Salt n' Apple Cider Vinegar sounds good.  

Oh yay, a new food!  AKA Snacks Palmonds are these delicious and crunch almond snack.  They have a bit of a soy sauce flavor and are a bit addicting!  My daughter, the little bug, stole the bag and ate them all. I received Salty Sweet and there are 3 other flavors.  I will definitely be on the look out for these in my local grocery store.  

Bob's Red Mill Better Bars.  I swear I have received these before but I can't remember.  Anyways, I wasn't too excited for the Peanut Butter Coconut & Oats (you know my distaste for coconut) but the Peanut Butter Chocolate & Oats sounded great. Unfortunately I found the bar to be thick, chewy and too oaty.  I know, I'm hard to please.  But I do buy plenty of flours and mixes from this company so I don't feel too bad for disliking this one.  

I had Luke's Organic Chips in April and really really liked them.  I was really happy to see them again and even more so that it was a different flavor.  White Truffle & Sea Salt is flavorfully pungent and decadent.  If you do not like truffle fries you will not like these.  Fortunately I love truffle fries so I loved these chips. Luke's has a large lineup of flavors and I even see them at Costco in the ginormous feed an army sized bag!  

Ok guys, I have to draw the line here.  I will try all kinds of things, even most of the coconut product that are sent my way.  But I just can't do bug chips.  I totally understand the idea and message behind Chips Eat Bugs chips but I have zero desire to eat a cricket.  Just for some info - we are one of  the only countries who doesn't eat bugs for protein.  Chips Cricket Chips has the equivalent of 1 cricket in each chip.  Each bag of chips is 5 grams of protein.  You aren't going to see legs and antennae as the bugs are ground up into flour.  And the smell of the BBQ flavor was right on.  But still, NOPE.  I happily passed these on to my oldest son, who is most likely to try ANYTHING, and frequently buys boxes of seasoned, dried bugs at novelty candy stores.  He ate them and liked them.  So if you do try them let me know how they are!

 Ok now that I am over that food trauma, here's a snack I really enjoyed.  Sanissimo Salmas.  These are basically corn tortillas, toasted up to a nice crunchy chip/cracker = chipper?  I actually received a full box of these last month and have been enjoying them with guacamole...mmmmm.  I mostly like that these are so delicious nd made with only 4 ingredients!  

Here's another go with Vahdam Teas.  I think these are a recurring monthly sample.  I'm not really the biggest tea fan so I find I hardly drink them.  This company also doesn't seem to make decaf tea, which is what I do drink when I have tea.  I was happy to see the Chamomile Mint Citrus flavor - I'll definitely try that one soon.  

I will be honest that I wasn't pleased to see another sample packet of Betsy's Best Toasted Coconut Cashew Butter.  I was not a fan last month so I didn't even open this one.  It tasted like sunblock and was overloaded with crunchy chia seeds - they do not give the same crunch or mouth feel as crunchy peanut butter.  There are other flavors and I would like to try them, the coconut just isn't for me.

pureLYFT is a genuinely cool product.  I received it a long while ago - maybe last summer?  It's made with green coffee beans which aid in weight loss and blood sugar control. You can mix it in to any drink - water, smoothie, juice.  There are 4 flavors to pick from and you can use it 2 ways; peel the sticker off and stick in your drink, or pop off the tip and pour in to your drink.  Love how sturdy these are to just toss in any bag and go!  

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  1. Most stuff in this box look yummy to me!!! Maybe I’ll try out the Paleo Puffs soon!

  2. It's surprising how many repeats they have but I guess that's who's willing to send to the company to be in the box. Bugs though - no thanks!!

  3. Sanissimo Salmas sound really good.

  4. OMG I need all of those! Sweet potato puffs sound interesting!

  5. Those almonds are delicious and the truffle chips...OMG!!! Best potato chip I have ever had. I trashed the bugs though, couldn't do it either and didn't even want them in my house! hahaha

  6. Those crunchy cinnamon puffs look super yummy. I'll hav to look those up!