Friday, July 19, 2019

Madam Glam: Chrome Powders - Sunstone, Luna & Starz

Morning all!  Back on the old blog today with a brand I haven't tried yet but do see all over the place.  Madam Glam is known for beautiful gel polishes, but as you know, I don't wear gel polish.  But I did received a few of the chrome powders and gave them a whirl.  There are SO MANY chrome powders to chose from!  I do think these are fairly easy to use, but there is a learners curve and since I've only tried chrome powders a few times I am definitely not a professional.  So please excuse mistakes and know any knocks or smudges are totally user error and nothing to do with the powders.  Hopefully I'll get more practice with these! You can pick up the chrome powders for about $15 per 5 gram jar.  If you use my code jennyt30 you'll see 30% off your order.  So let's jump in and check out the chromes.

*press sample*

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My initial thought with all 3 of these was that I liked that the jar and plastic baggie both had a label on them so I know exactly what is what.  I used the no gel method (UNT, black or white base color, yellow stopper, liquid latex barrier, powder, UNT, topcoat) and it worked great with all of these.  

Let's start off with Sunstone.  This one was the trickiest for me and also the least forgiving if I made any mistakes.  But minus my index finger smudge you can see just how gorgeous this powder is!  Sunstone is an iridescent, opalescent powder that shows off pink, purple, blue gold.  So pretty and it show up great over both black and white base colors.  I have white on all nails except my accent nail, which is black.  

Luna is a stunning gold flake holo.  It has a chunkier look but still burnishes in for a holo effect.  And it totally smooths out, no lumps or bumps sticking up off my nails.  I like how these nails say "notice me".  Again, I did 3 nails with a white base and 1 with a black base.  You can hardly tell the difference with this powder. 

Just a quick picture showing the process of rubbing in the powder.  

And last but not least is Starz, my favorite.  This is a stunning rose gold holo with some color shifting  shimmer and sparse flakes.  I don't know what I was expecting but I was enamored once it was on.  I again did 3 nails white, 1 black and you can see that the black base does create a deep, vampier look.  I like it both ways but might prefer the color I got with the black base.  

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