Sunday, February 17, 2013

Shimmer Polish Natalie + China Glaze Rainstorm

You know I love jelly sandwiches.  They are awesome.  I don't think I do them enough so I think I need to remedy that with a jelly sandwich post right now.  First off, I don't know that I would really qualify China Glaze rainstorm as a jelly, so this is just a polish sandwich.  But Rainstorm is very pretty…a cornflower blue with purple shimmer and bright blue glowing glitters.  It's very sheer so that's why it works.  I used 2 coats of Rainstorm as a base.  

I then used 1 coat of Shimmer Polish Natalie on top.  Natalie is a very pretty neutral colored glitter polish.  Not so much nude, but more natural colors - such as copper, blue, green, gold…colors you would see in nature.  It's a very pretty combination of color and I am full on digging it.  Just like all the other Shimmers I have reviewed, the formula was wonderful.  The glitter comes out of the bottle easily and in plenitude.  It lays perfectly flat on the nail.  But to make it a true "sandwich" I added 1 more layer of Rainstorm.  I then finished the mani off with 1 layer of top coat.  I was inspired by my friend Jacki at Adventures in Acetone because back in the fall she used this same China Glaze to make a sandwich.  Check it out here!

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*the Shimmer Polish was provided for my honest opinion and review 
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