Tuesday, February 5, 2013

a-England She Walks In Beauty

I feel that I rarely show one polish at a time anymore so here is a post highlighting a gorgeous polish, a-England She Walks In Beauty.  SWIB is from the Heavenly Quotes collection.  Here is Adina's description for SWIB: An intricate and complex mix of large and small rose-colored hexagonal glitter in a shimmering pale golden base that colour-shifts with lights and movement.  IIt's an absolutely stunning color!  I love how it looked different in the sunlight, the shade and indoors.  There was a foily-metallic finish to SWIB in direct light, but in indirect light the rose colored glitters really became the star of the show!  I used 3 coats of SWIB for full coverage and 1 layer of topcoat, though still had some texture on my nails.  I would suggest you use 2 layers of topcoat, or a layer of Gelous for completely smooth nails.  

Once the Royal Mail issues are figured out you will be able to purchase a-England directly from their website.  You can also purchase a-England from Ninja Polish, Overall Beauty, Llarowe and Mei Mei's Signatures.  You can follow a-England on Facebook as well.  

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  1. That is a gorgeous glitter polish. I like how it has different sizes of glitter bits in it.

  2. So cute!