Wednesday, February 6, 2013

China Glaze Gothic Lolita + Lynnderella Sugared Violet

My purple fascination continues with a very pretty combo.  I saw this China Glaze in my beauty supply store well before Christmas, but I was on a no buy in December.  So I looked at it longingly, lovingly, knowing it would be mine in the very near future.  Lo and behold I broke the no buy a few days after Christmas and China Glaze Gothic Lolita was one that made a new home in my helmer.  I don't know why I had never noticed Gothic Lolita before, the collection was from the Spring 2012.  For the last couple months I have been gung ho for purple, blue, periwinkle, lavender, cornflower, etc, etc.  But I digress, Gothic Lolita is a very beautiful grape-y purple with a red shimmer.  And it applied very well, nice a creamy.  There were no application problems and it was opaque in 2 coats.  

I then layered Lynnderella Sugared Violet over Gothic Lolita.  Sugared Violet is from the new Groundhog Day collection.  Here is Lynn's description of Sugared Violet, it "has assorted lavender, periwinkle and white glitters in a purple-sparkled clear base.  Lavender and white hearts with violet microglitter and pinpoint blue iridescence are scattered in the mix."  I definitely got alot of shards, so if you don't like those glitters this won't be for you.  But I think it's very pretty and unique.  I did have a hard time getting any hearts out, but I also didn't try the upside down method.   I really liked the iridescent glitters, they really made the mani sparkle in the sunlight.  I finished this off with a layer of topcoat and my nails were smooth to the touch.

You can purchase Lynnderellas on ebay.  There is also Love Lynnderella on Facebook and the Lynnderella blog.

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