Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fantasy Fire + Indigo

I recently got some pretty little polishes that come from across the pond.  One is a hugely sought after  little sucker.  It's Max Factor Fantasy Fire.  I have to admit, it's really beautiful.  Many compare it to Clarins 230 (aka Unicorn Pee), but since I don't own that one I can't weigh in on that statement.  Whether it's a dupe or not, I think Fantasy Fire is fabulous all on it's own.

Max Factor Fantasy Fire is a layering polish.  It is multi-chrome shimmer that sits in a sheer purple base.  The shimmer is red, but flashes blue, green and gold.  It's really stunning and has that "lit from within" look that I absolutely love!  I used 1 coat of Fantasy Fire.  

I imagine the layering possibilities are vast for Fantasy Fire; black, blue, purple, red, etc.   I chose Barry M Indigo as the underwear for my FF.  I know this isn't an original choice because it's been done before many times over, but the two go so well together they are like peanut butter & jelly!  And why mess with peanut butter & jelly?  So I used 2 coats of Indigo, which like it's name, is Indigo in color.  Indigo went on smoothly and was fully opaque in the 2 coats I used.    

I normally take pictures outside, but my camera didn't want to play nice and I couldn't capture the beautiful shimmer in the sunlight.  So these pictures are taken indoors.

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  1. Yay! Looks great on you! One of my fav combos <3

  2. Love this! I sure wish it was available in the states...

  3. OMG, what a polish! Love, love, love!
    It looks great on you!