Monday, May 21, 2012


One day I was checking out the news on one of my nail polish Facebook groups.  A friend of mine asked if anyone was interested in a doing a swap with one of her friends in Portugal.  There were NO comments and NO takers!  I had to blink a few times and then realized if I hesitated any longer the opportunity would get yanked out from under me!  Thank goodness I was fast thinking because I snatched up that little swapper within seconds of the post going up and was quickly followed up by a second taker!  And I am so glad I did because I met a really sweet girl named Dulce (an absolutely fitting name for her!).  So after 2 months of emailing, getting to know each other and sending pictures of polish and brands we were interested in we both finally sent out packages.  This was just last week and look what arrived today!  I practically jumped out of my skin with excitement!!

You will probably notice there is a color theme, and if you have followed my posts at all you will know I am obsessed with turquoise, teal, green and sea foam green.  So that is the majority of what Dulce sent me.  Funny thing is that she is super duper into the same colors so it was basically like we were shopping for ourselves.  Awesome, right?!  Ok enough talk - check out this package!!

Hello cute Minnie Mouse letter!

Bubble wrapped goodness!

Unwrapped and I swear I fell on the floor!

The whole lot!

Essence: Irreplaceable, Space Queen, Bella, Edward, Louise, Gabriella

Catrice: Sold Out Forever, Be Pool, ACid/DC, King of Greens

Crystal: 204, 506, 2011

Risque:Armadilha Tropical, Show, Chow Chow, Affair

Yes Love: 93, Y66, 8062, Y110, 876, Y22

Flormar: PO48, PO47

Kiko: 274
Andreia: 111
Essence nail art glitter

Her son picked out a candy for my boys, yummy chocolate!
Dulce picked out handmade delicious candies for me!  They are honey hard candies, LOVE honey!

Oriflame Sweded Nature Secrets hand cream
My absolute favorite chapstick ever!  I LOVE LABELLO!

My fingers are crossed Dulce gets her package from me this week too!  Please go check out her blog, she has some beautiful polishes to show off and has fabulous swatches!  And it's so fun to see what other brands are out there in the great big nail polish world of ours.

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  1. I'm coming over for those Essence and Catrice polishes right now. :) Nice haul!

  2. I am drooling all over the keyboard right now. WOAH!! What a pack!!!

  3. Jen, thank you so much for all the kind words you wrote!
    Yes, my name is "sweet", but your last name is no less sweet, in portuguese we say "tesouro" witch means treasure in english! And yes, you're a sweet treasure to me!
    I'm glad you liked the package, it's full of affection, and I really loved picking all of those things for you!