Thursday, May 31, 2012

Zoya Rory + Zuza

I did a cocktail mani while on vacation.  I had no cocktail in mind when I did my nails, just followed the idea that China Glaze posted on their Facebook page a few weeks ago.  Thumb, index and middle finger are one color, ring and pinky are another color.  I suppose it's called a cocktail mani because if I were to be holding say a martini, cosmo or other fun drink in a stemmed glass you would see the different colors on my fingers that hold the glass and the two that are held in the air.

I had just received a package with some of the new Zoyas from the Surf Collection and was dying to try them out.  Especially Zuza - hello lover!  Zuza is a beautiful teal-turquoise.  Rory is a medium pink with a lavender undertone. Both have a silvery metallic shimmer.  Zuza and Rory wore like a dream.  2 coats created perfect coverage.  The finish is like a metallic foily matte, if that makes any sense.  Once the top coat is on it's all shiny-shimmery goodness.  Dry time of these polishes was quicker than normal and I think it was because of the unique finish.  The only downside I can mention is that Rory did stain my nails a teensy bit.

You can get Zoya on their website here.  Make sure to like their page on Facebook because they always have deals and surprise giveaways!  They are truly an awesome company!

On a side note, I was at Downtown Disney when I took these pictures.  My husband commented that I had given myself a Disneyland mani.  It was totally unintentional, but they are absolutely colors that remind me of Disneyland.  Funny how that worked out. 

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