Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Let Me Fly + Sequins

Are you a Cultie?  If not come join us (using index finger to beckon you)!!  Maria, the creator or Cult Nails makes some seriously fantastic kool-aid, I mean lacquer.   

Recently there was a $5 sales and I planned on getting Captivated and Seduction.  I ended up with Captivated and Let Me Fly.  I know it was the color alone that spoke to me because I had never paid much attention to LMF.  I was so happy when it arrived because it is really beautiful.  LMF is a turquoise/teal with  silver shimmer.  The formula was very nice, full coverage, even and smooth in 2 coats.  I'm very happy I picked this one out!

I chose Jordana Sequins to wear as an accent nail over Let Me Fly.  Jordana has some fun glitters that make great accents and topcoats.  Sequins is a red glitter with blue, fuchsia, silver, gold and peach colored hexs.  I used 2 coats on my ring finger nail.  Coverage was good - no digging for glitter, and it spread out easily.

You can get Cult Nails from a few places but I'd recommend going straight to the source because Maria is so nice, http://shop.cultnails.com/.  Jordana, as far as I know, is only available at Kmart.  

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