Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Man-Maid Dreams

You know me and my crazy attraction to all polishes that are turquoise, sea foam, or are named mermaid.  Well this one is a triple threat!  It's Nail Venturous Lacquers Man-Maid Dreams and I love everything about it!  I was lucky enough to get this from my friend Marnie over at Ambianceshop.com, but if you stalk Nail Venturous on Etsy you may be able to snag one of her beautiful creations! 

Man-Maid Dreams is a beautiful sea foam green bordering on turquoise polish with loads of shimmer.  Inside the bottle you can see copper hexs and what I believe are tiny gold glitter flakies.  There is also a blue micro-shimer. The polish itself gives off a metallic-foily look, minus the troublesome brushstrokes that come along with that type of finish.  All together it's a bottle full of awesomeness.  

I used 3 coats with no top coat for the pictures below.  The polish applied smoothly and easily with each coat.  There were no dragging issues.  M-MD is slightly textured, so if that bothers you I would suggest using topcoat.


  1. I really like this! It reminds me of a turquoise version of Zoya Crystal!

  2. I am stalking Nail-Venturous for quite some time trying to get my hands over this babe, with no much luck...
    It's so beautiful and unique and so unlike all the teals and turquoises I get to see around...