Monday, May 21, 2012

Models Own Indian Ocean

I have another ultra pretty polish to show you today.  It's Models Own Indian Ocean.  Indian Ocean came out recently as the spring/summer addition to the Beetlejuice collection.  It's a due-chrome like the originals.  

I didn't know about the originals when they came out, but I was all over the new additions!  I needed them and was glad MO put together a package set with a few of the original collex with new ones.  Happy camper over here!  I reviewed Tropical Sun recently and you can see it here.  Loved the glory goodness of that one as much as I love Indian Ocean.

I knew Indian Ocean was going to be sheer, so I layered it over 2 coats of Orly Pixie Dust.  Pixie Dust is a periwinkle shimmer that is quite pretty on it's own.  But I needed undies and this was the lightest blue shade that I own.  

I topped Pixie Dust with 2 coats of Indian Ocean.  IO isn't watery, but it it VERY sheer.  It will not build up on it's own, I'm certain of that.  But on top of another polish it's stunning!  It has a very prominent pink shimmer that looks almost golden in some lighting.    

So here it is…you can get Models Own Indian Ocean at Harlow & Co. or the Models Own website:

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  1. this looks a lot like Sinful Colors Cinderella

  2. Beautiful! I have this one and have been waiting to try it for a while! LOVE!

  3. Awesome!
    Looks like an upgraded Cinderella!