Monday, May 21, 2012


What seems like forever ago I joined a nail polish group.  I immediately knew two things.  1. I would love all the girls in the group.  2.  My bank account would suffer - seriously.  Fortunately for my bank account lots of swaps are always going on and I was able to get in on one with an awesome gal named Jo.  It's nice talking to and hearing updates from Jo, because like me she has 3 kids and they are about the same age as mine.  So I can relate to her and the excitement and difficulties that comes with kids.  We are also the same age and we LOVE nail polish!  So we share the excitement over new and hard to find nail polish frequently.  How could we not become friends, right?!

So I had posted a few pictures of Revlon Whimsical and Popular a while back.. Jo really wanted Popular so we set up a swap and checked out wish lists and picked up some fun stuff for each other.  

Here's what she sent me!  

The stash!

Barry M: Red Black, Denim, Indigo

Models Own: Hedonist, Balearic Sea, Disco Heaven, Ibiza Mix, Thunder & Lightning

L'Oreal Bluebell, Lizzie Wicked, 17 Juicy, VIE Midnight, VIE Bedazzled, Front Cover Guinea 

yummy yummy candy goodness!

Thanks so much Jo!  I had a major fun time opening this package!!

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1 comment:

  1. What a nice swap Jen!
    All the polishes and goodies are great!