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Beauty Review: Hard Candy Holiday 2016 Collection

Good afternoon (it's afternoon for me because I'm on the East Coast this week)!  I have a makeup review for you now featuring some holiday kits from Hard Candy!  All of these products look and feel like a much more expensive brand, but they are extremely affordable and will surely make any makeup loving person in your life very, VERY happy at  Christmas-time.  These kits are only available at Walmart and and prices vary per product.  I'll go into more detail for each product individually.  There's a lot to cover so let's jump in!

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Let's start with some stocking stuffers.  These are great Lip Stain kits that come in a little metal tin.  The colors are pretty and universal enough to flatter most skin tones.  Plus the $3 price tag is very nice.  

I applied the nude and coral shades to my arm here.  The nude is a creme color white the coral is shimmery.  I like that you get finish variety.  I did find these to be more of a colored lip balm than a stain but the color payoff was really nice.  They had a nice, smooth application.  

Here's the pink/red kit.  The pink is a sheer wash of color and a creme finish.  The red is a gorgeous sparkly shade.  It read more fuchsia on me but still a great color.  Application was really lovely, smooth and even.  

More stocking stuffer ideas at a price point that won't empty your wallet!

The Grab & Gloss kit is really cute.  It's about the size of a credit card, a little thicker, with 6 different shades of gloss.  This is only $1.  ONE DOLLAR.  You can't hardly buy anything for a dollar anymore so this is exciting.  The colors are nice too.  They are sheer and shimmery and leave just a nice hint of color on your lips.  I didn't like the brush so I ended up using my finger to apply  the gloss.  These weren't sticky at all, just a good emollient feeling on my lips.  

Here are all the shades on my arm.  White, nude, pink, orange, berry, burgundy.  But do you see how lovely they are?  A nice, soft wash of color.  Great for the younger kids in your life that want to experiment with makeup.

This Eyeshadow Duo is also only $1.  It's a great combo of silver and pewter shadow.  Nice to make looks for the holiday.  

The shimmery silver is very soft (it actually broke a little before I could photograph and use it) and has fantastic color payoff.  It applied smooth and evenly.  The pewter wasn't as easy to get even.  It was a harder shadow that took a little more effort to apply.  But for a dollar I still think it's a great value.  

This is the Nude Look Kit.  It's an 11 piece kit that costs under $5.  I'd buy this kit for the bronzer and shadow kit alone and still be thrilled with the price.  

The Baked Bronzer is a nice golden, shimmery color.  I did find it a bit hard and the little brush included in the kit didn't really want to pick u the color.  I ended up using my own, larger brush to apply it.

You can see if gives a nice golden glow and looks natural.   

Now the Nude Eyeshadow pallette.  Love these colors.  They are all shimmery and pretty and very easy to wear.  These shadows are very luxurious for the price point of the kit.  

Here are swatches on my arm.  All of these are color I'd wear on a daily basis.  The only one that gave me any trouble was the charcoal.  It was harder than the others and required a bit of pulling to get it applied evenly.  

Walk The Line is a black liquid eyeliner.  I don't use liquid eyeliner so I can't speak to the formula in comparison to other liquid liners.  It seemed a bit watery but make a nice thin line on my arm.    

And the Lash Tinsel.  I thought I'd taken a picture of it on my arm but can't seem to find it anywhere. It's basically a clear mascara with silver and black glitter.  I do remember that I found the glitter payoff to be sparse and worried about the glitter pieces falling into my eyes and irritating them.  So I didn't try this one out.   

I'm wearing some of the eyeshadow, bronzer and the nude lip stain stick here in this look.  These are all products I would wear again and they lasted until I removed them in the evening.  So they definitely get my thumbs up seal of approval.  Ps - sorry for my crazy messy hair!  

Hard Candy has another kit if you like some color over nude shades.  This is the Smokey Eye Collection.  It's a 12 piece kit and it's only $9.99.  BARGAIN!  It also comes with a $1 off coupon to use on 1 full sized Hard Candy product later.  

You get Walk The Line, liquid eyeliner.  Ginormous Lash, black mascara and Take Me Out Liner, a regular stick eyeliner.  

You've already seen Walk The Line.  It seems like a nice liquid eyeliner.  Ginormous Lash was a bit hard or maybe it was dry?  But it took several strokes across my arm to get a good color payoff.  Ad Take Me Out Liner was not very creamy or smooth flowing.  I imagine this one wold take heating up to get a nice line without tugging the skin on your eyelid too much

I really liked the Fierce Effects lip glosses. You get a nice red and pink that are both really flattering  

Both colors are creamy and opaque.  These are more of a stain formula and you get really great color payoff.  

Here's the shadow palette.  You get some nice colors here but they are all a bit hard. 

Here are the shadows on my arm.  You can see most of the colors give a nice payoff but the black didn't apply very well.  Also the brush included doesn't work well with these harder shadows.  A sponge applicator or your finger would be best.  

Ok, so the kit also comes with this Eye Shadow Primer.  But sadly this was my least favorite product in the kit.  

The primer was oily and thin.  It did not absorb well and just looked like oil on my hand.  It was hard to squeeze out a small amount without an abundance of oily liquid coming out.  So aside from this particular product, the rest are certainly worth the amount you are paying.  

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