Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Bitter Lace Beauty Highlighters; Slay and Hocus Pocus

Yes I know Halloween is behind us, but it doesn't mean I can't still use gorgeous Halloween themed makeup.  I still like to be shimmery, sparkly and pretty all year long.  So I'll go to these highlighters whenever I feel the need for a little extra glowy.  I picked these up from Bitter Lace Beauty.  One day I was playing around on Instagram, clicking on accounts to check new-to-me things out led me to this amazing makeup brand.  I was immediately hooked.  And there were all these stunning Halloween highlighters.  Yeah, I was a goner.  I had to get some so I picked the 2 that spoke to me most; Slay and Hocus Pocus.  It looks like all the LE Halloween highlighters have been taken down now, but by browsing the sold items it's clear Bitter Lace Beauty specializes in LE highlighters.  I paid $28 each for these so I'd guesstimate any future collection will be the same price point.  I'd suggest following the Instagram account to see what's coming next...and can I just say I am eagerly anticipating the holiday ones!?  I bet they'll be amazing! 

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Bitter Lace Beauty: Shop, Instagram

Here are the beautiful open pan shots of Hocus Pocus and Slay.  I was really digging the color schemes of these 2, as well as the color created when they are blended together.  Hocus Pocus (I assume inspired by the movie of the same name) is a blend of green, red and purple.  I love the spider pattern baked in to the highlighter too.  Slay is a white gold and red that makes a stunning rusty red/orange shade when blended together.

Slay on top and Hocus Pocus on bottom.  This picture is in indoor, natural light.  

Slay on top and Hocus Pocus on bottom.  This picture is in direct sunlight.  

The color payoff on both of these was fantastic.  Very little is needed to get that glowing shimmer on your cheek bones.  The powder applied easily and didn't get everywhere.  I've got on Slay in this picture.  I lightly blended it but you can see that the whit gold is sitting on top and the red shade is underneath it.  

I'm wearing Hocus Pocus in this picture.  Lightly blended it made a soft purple shade.  Keep in mind I wore these both conservatively, but you could easily blend in more for a brighter color payoff.  Overall I was very impressed with these products and I will definitely buy from Bitter Lace Beauty again.  

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