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Beauty Review: Ittse Cosmetics - The Polo Fields Makeup Collection

Good evening!  I have a makeup review for you and I am really excited about it!  I had heard of Ittse back in the Summer of 2015 because they were at CosmoProf.  Sadly I missed their booth.  But this past July I made sure to stop by and hear about their brand.  Their displays were so beautiful I was immediately smitten.  I know I'm a nail polish junkie but I like makeup as much as the next beauty blogger so I was very excited to head home with the extremely generous gift package they gave me.  So basically Itsse takes the makeup palette and makes it completely customizable for the consumer.  You purchase a case, and "coins" of eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, lipstick and you create your own look.  You can also buy curated looks which set you up with all you need for a complete kit.  Curated sets are about $80 while individual coins start at $8.  Let's jump in and I'll tell you more about the brand before I show you my swatches.

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Ittse: Shop, Facebook, Instagram  

Itsse is a San Francisco brand.  I love that because it's local to me.  Next time I head into the city I will absolutely take a detour to visit the shop and get some more coins.  As I mentioned there are eyeshadow and completion coins, but this past Fall they released lip coins!  There are 8 shades in sheer and high impact finishes.  It's a great range of reds!  There was also the recent launches of collaborations with influencers including the launch of Flawless; cream foundations, primers and powders.  These come in light, medium and deep coverage as well as corrective tones.  

There were 10 new shadow shades released this Fall as well as 3 new palette holders - coral, turquoise and gold.  I'm loving the gold!  And finally, Jet Set is the newest curated collection.  Ittse used a local San Francisco artist, Lauren Taylor, to collaborate on colors and design the box.  How awesome is that!  A local brand working with other locals to put out a fantastic product.  I am so on board with this!  

So these pictures are the ones I took at CosmoProf 2016, back in July.  I saved them to share with my review of the product so the attention could be given completely to such a fabulous brand.  Aren't their displays so eye-appealing?

Ok and now we have made it to the pictures of the product I received to review.  I was given a bag packed full of goodies including a case to hold them all in! 

This is the Uptown Grey Makeup Palette and it's $21.99.  

Mirror on top, magnetic plate on the bottom.  

You lift up the foam insert and the magnetic plate is underneath.  These palettes are pretty cool!  The entire bottom is magnetic so you can move your coins around however you please.  

Hello San Francisco skyline.  

I removed each coin from their individual packaging, which is stinking adorable by the way.  I started arranging my shadow coins and complexion coins on the magnetic base.  

I played around until I liked how they looked and ta-da!  I have a brand new makeup palette!  This is actually The Polo Fields Makeup Collection.  So there was definitely a rhyme and reason to the shades I'd received.  From top to bottom, left to right here are the shadows; Peridot, Yerba Buena, Cypress, Papyrus, Film Noir, Fashionably Slate, Brut, The Martinez and After Hours.  The complexion coins are; Barbados and Key Largo.  

Complexion coins; Barbados, Key Largo.  They were smooth and had great color payoff.  

The shadows were also smooth and applied very nice.  They had great color payoff and the shades work together perfectly.  Top to bottom is; Peridot, Yerba Buena, Cypress, Papyrus, Film Noir, Fashionably Slate, Brut, The Martinez and After Hours.

I created a look using After Hours in my crease.  Then I put The Martinez on my lid and Brut in the inner corner.  To finish I put Papyrus on my brow bone.  I then lightly brushed Key Largo on my cheek bones with a touch of Barbados for a little glow.  I was pretty happy with how this book turned out.  Natural but done.  Just what a mom on the go like me needs.  So would I buy products from Itsse?!  HECK YES I would!  Plus there is a 40% sale right now so don't miss out on your chance to get some deals on amazing makeup.  Use the code CYBER40 until 12/2.  

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