Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Beauty Review: Hard Candy Trolls Prismatic Luminizer

Good morning again lovelies.  I think I mentioned that I was in new York for Thanksgiving.  One of my best friends lives there and I got to spend time hanging out with her.  It was awesome!  She had a little gift for me, something that she knew I was looking for!  I'm so excited to own the Hard Candy Trolls Prismatic Luminizer!  It's a rainbow highlighter and it's so much fun!  Naomi and I both wore it the other day and felt very pretty walking about with rainbow cheeks.  The Prismatic Luminizer, as well as the other Trolls cosmetics are only available at Walmart.  And not even online because I checked.  And now I'm in desperate need of the Marbleized Lipstick and Color Change Lip Gloss and Mood Lip Balm.  Yeah, I need it all.  Anyways, hit up your local Walmart and keep your fingers crossed this stuff is available!

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I love that the Prismatic Luminizer came in a star shaped box.  It's cardboard with a plastic star shaped insert that the highlighter sits in.  It's got a plastic dome protecting the highlighter but it's only stuck on with some stickers.  I wish it were a bit more functional because I'll likely lose or throw away that plastic dome.  But overall I really like the packaging.  

Here's a close up shot of the pressed powder.  Maybe it's baked?  Anywho, you get all the colors of the rainbow in here with a lovely, but not overpowering shimmer. 

First off I really need a better brush for my highlighters.  But I made due with what I had for now and I'll admit that I loved the payoff!  The only colors that didn't really show up were the pink and the blue, likely because they were on the edges of the dome.  Here I have the highlighter just brushed on so you could see see the different colors.  

For this picture I blended the colors all together.  You can see that there is still a shimmery, soft golden sheen.  But you lose the fun aspect.  

I'm wearing the Prismatic Luminizer in this picture,  You can see that the pink, yellow and orange are the most prominent colors.  They really add a pop of shine to my cheek bone.  So would I wear this again?  Heck yes I would.  And Naomi would too because she loves Trolls, she loves rainbows and mostly because she loves stealing all my fun makeup.   

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