Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Born Pretty Store Square Ethnic Design Lines Stamping Plate BP-X05

Afternoon all!  I'm back with a nail stamping post!  This is for a fun patterned plate from the Born Pretty Store.  I really like the products from Born Pretty because they are affordable and work well.   This is the  Ethnic Design Lines Stamping Plate BP-X05.  The patterns are really pretty and almost abstract.  I like that you can mix them up a little bit and they'll still look great together.  You can pick this plate up for $1.80 with the direct link HERE.  There's also a Black Friday sale and you can get any rectangle stamping plate for $2.40 and any circle pate for $0.99!  Don't forget you can use my code JTOW10 to save 10% off your order.  Alright, let's jump in and check out this plate.  

*press sample*

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Since I mentioned Black Friday deals, here's the overall saving you get when you place an order!  

And now here's my post for the stamping plate!  Probably a great time to stock up on nail art supplies!  

Here's the Ethnic Design Lines Stamping Plate BP-X05.  It's got at least a dozen designs to chose from and like I mentioned before, you can overlap the design yo pick up to have a fun dual-design on your nails.

I used a couple of the designs to create a skittlette mani using some peachy and maroon cremes.  I really, really like this plate.  The images picked up easily enough once I found the right stamper for the job.  I used a crystal clear stamper to pick up the images.  

Overall, for the price of the plates on Born Pretty you really can't lose.  Great designs, ever greater price.  Yeah, I know greater isn't a word.  But the price really is so awesome I'm making up words.  

And just because I can't resist a sale, I'm sharing more info for Black Friday! 

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