Monday, November 7, 2016

The Indie Shop Event Coverage

Good morning dolls!  This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending The Indie Shop event in the Los Angeles area.  I was very excited, not sure what to expect since the last mini convention I went to was in the evening and I was primarily a shopper/media.  This time I got to stand behind the Girly Bits booth helping answer questions, find products, process orders and bag up goodies.  It was so much fun and I loved getting to spend so much time with Pam and Tara.  Ok so the actual event.  The Indie Shop was held in a lovely event room in a Double Tree hotel.  It was spacious and bright with plenty of windows.  Perfect for actually being able the products being displayed.  There were 18 vendors with a variety of products; nail polish, nail art supplies and hand/bath care.  I was able to mosey around prior to the doors opening to take pictures of the tables and then again for a short while to do some shopping.  So let's jumping and I'll show you some of the stuff I saw.  

Here are all the lovely vendors in a photo op before the doors opened at 10am for the VIPs!  

I also got a panoramic picture of the event before the doors opened.  All the vendors are hustling to get their tables set up.  They all had a French theme and it was so pretty.

Lavish Polish had a great display of polish.  The pretty orange/copper holo is the event exclusive, Hall of Mirrors.  Sorry to my readers and Emely for only having one picture of this booth, I think it was the first one I hit up for pictures and didn't think to take any closeups yet.  

First off I love Ever After's glittery rainbow banner.  Miranda brought along a ton of polish and hand/body care products.  I ended up coming home with quite a few new things to try out.  Ok again, I failed here and didn't take any picture of the polish.  Fail. 

Here's a selection of pretty eyeshadow.  

Bubble Bath in a variety of scents.  

The Thigh Gap had me very intrigued.  I'm a runner and use Glide so I don't get chub-rub when I wear shorter shorts.  Thigh Gap is meant for the same purpose.  Of course you can use it if you're wearing a skirt or dress too.  I definitely plan to get this product once the weather warms up again and I switch back to shorts for my running adventures.  Also that Charcoal mask looks awesome!  

I was excited to see a new-to-me brand at the event.  I hadn't heard of Lolita Lacquer before this event so I poured over the mani bombs and bath bombs.  I had my nose up in everything, Mira probably thought I was a crazy person.  

Here are some body scrubs and body butter in Mexican specialty scents; flan, concha, chocolate de abuela, etc...

I die over the concha bath bombs.  I came home with a pink one and am looking forward to a nice soak in my tub to try it out.  Smells delicious!  

Here are some of the mani-bombs.  They look adorable and had great scents.  Lots of holiday ones to choose from; Christmas tree, snowman, gingerbread man, snowy mountain, etc...  I will report back with my findings so you can try them out too!

And Lolita Lacquer makes polish!  Fun colors and finishes.  I have a polish from the VIP bag so I'll share that with you once I try it out.  

Poetry Cowgirl was at the event and had a great selection of polish and handmade jewelry.  Can I just say I got to spend some time with Kristen after the event and she's super sweet!  I'm looking forward to trying out her polish.  So here's her lovely table!

Some of the pretty polishes she brought along.  

And gorgeous handmade baubles!  

Here's the Polish 'M booth.  I do love those letters that light up, so pretty and make the table look classy.  I also appreciate the clean, streamlined look of this table.  But I have to say I was bummed to not make it over to this table in time to get the event exclusive.  Though I am happy they had so much success that they sold our of them!  

 Check out the selection of polish brought along.  The sun was shining in through a window right behind this table so sorry for the hazy photo.  You can still see what lovely colors these are, I love the fall shades on the right.  

And hello beautiful bright colors!  Yay for happy rainbow polish.  

My dear friend Jamie from Sea Lore Polish was here!  She had a gorgeous mermaid/French theme at her table.  She brought her polish line as well as some other fancy items like jewelry and shell crowns!

Here are some of the pretty polishes she had.

And these gorgeous handmade shell crowns!  I encouraged her to start selling these on her site, but shipping them might be difficult.  I hope she can figure a way to get them out to people because they are so fun.  

And some of her other handmade products, earrings and hair bows. She also make rings and earrings using her polishes.  

Nvr Enuff Polish was a crazy busy table.  Every time I looked over they had a line a dozen people long.  When I finally made my way over there it was easy to see why.  Fun table set-up, beautiful polish, and everyone was welcoming and friendly!  Congrats to Lynnae for having a great show!

How cute is this carousel full of polish?!  I actually got this one in my VIP bad so Ill have a review of Andromeda soon.  

I loved the spin-the-wheel game at Nvr Enuff.  Great way to interact with customers!  I ended up with a 15% off coupon to use online!  

Gilmore-isms...I have to admit I've never seen one episode so I'm not a fan of the show, but I am a fan of beautiful colors!  These are definitely beautiful! 

Here's Bliss Polish!  I was super enamored with the Fall colors - green, berry, orange!  I'm pretty sure Yvette had a great day because when I went back to check things out she had very little left on her display.  

Check out these nail wheels....gorgeous shades!

Here's the event exclusive Eiffel Tower.  A pretty, soft blue holo.  

I swung by the Squishy Face Polish table for a quick moment.  They had a great array of polish and some stamping plates.  I did get to hang out with the Alice in the evening, though we were all pretty exhausted, she was very nice and I'd love to hang with her again!  

Oooh the pretties!  Loving these colors and finishes!  

I was so happy to see Ashlie from I, A.M. Custom Color and the event.  I got to meet her at Cocktails & Colors and she's so full of life it's infectious!  She had a great table with lots of products to choose from.  


This is La Peri, part of an event exclusive duo with Joy Lacquer.  

More polish, including some tinted base coats (the top pink and lime colored ones) - perfect for those on the go with no time to pain, but you can slap one of these on for a finished look.  

Lip balms, cuticle oils, liquid tape, lotion, so may things!  

Right next door was Joy Lacquer!  Joy is another vendor I was looking forward to seeing again.  I met her at Cocktails & Colors also and really enjoyed chatting with her.  She also brought a wide variety of products to choose from.  

Here are the event exclusives and limited editions.  I had my eye on Ratatouille from get-go.  You know I came home with that one.  

The other half of the event exclusive duo with I, A.M. Custom Color - Le Papillon.

This coffee scrub looked amazing!  I've tried one before and loved the invigorating feel, so I will definitely get on it to try this one out in the near future.  

Moving along and I came to Painted Polish!  I liked the way she displayed her ail wheels and had pre-packed, ready to gift sets of the event polishes.  

Love seeing the polish on these tiered displays.  

Lots of pretty colors includes many glitter filled crellies!

Here are the pre-packaged trios.  They're perfect for gifting!  

Bad Bitch Polish is a brand I'd heard of before but haven't tried.  I enjoyed being able to see these polishes in person and talk with Britt.  The colors are great and I'm looking forward to trying the ones I came home with.  

I really like the color selection from this brand.  

These were the event exclusives.  I ended up bringing home the dark one on the bottom, City of Lights.  Are you seeing a trend with the polishes I bought yet?  

Stached Polish is another brand that is new-to-me.  I really need to say how adorable I think the bottles are with their mustache decals.  Holly could sell me all the things with a mustache on it!  

This is the pretty event exclusive La Femme.  Yeah, I brought this baby home.  

Here are some of the shades this brand offers!  

She also had this fun holo tumbler!  I hope it's something she considers putting on her site because I think it would be a good seller.  

Remember how I said there were nail art supplies?  Well Nails Redesigned had tons of nail vinyls, stamping plates, water decals and some nail charms.  Pretty much a one-stop nail art shop.  

It was very helpful that they had one square pulled up so you can easily see the design.  

Need plates?  They have plates!  

There were also some scrubs!  They all smelled nice, especially the Gingerbread Hand Scrub.  But I bet that Foot Scrub feels amazing.  

Colors by Llarowe brought some of the soon to be released items as well as a couple adorable helpers!  

These are some of the monthlies.  The one on the left is November and the one on the right is for December.  Yeah, I was all drooly for it.  It's called Fool's Gold and it's a beauty. 

This is the holiday collection.  Not sure when it's launching but Leah Ann nailed it again.  Fantastic colors and finishes!  

And these are the event exclusives.  Now I know CbL did well because when I got to the table they were taking orders for shipping as they'd sold out of almost everything.  Thank goodness I was able to get the exclusives I wanted!  Phew.  

And this is Envy Lacquer!  Melody is the gal behind this brand, but also the mastermind behind The Indie Shop.  I enjoyed listening to her talk about how things went during the day and how the planning process goes for these types of events.  She's a total champ for taking this role on and organizing such a great event.  She played hostess and vendor!  Here's what her set up looked like.   

Blingy sparkly silver goodness!

This is Moulin Rouge.  It was the event exclusive.  

Here are some regular Bath bombs...

Ok but really, these are not regular at all!  These bath bombs are amazing!  When this dissolve they make a rainbow in your bath tub.  Can you believe how huge they are??!!

Her display of cuticle balms was so pretty!  I love my cuticle oil, but I have really been enjoying the blams lately too.  Much easier to swatch with because they are less shiny.  

I saved Girly Bits for last since it was the booth I spent most of my time at.  Pam had a pretty large set up, new collection, COTM Duo, event exclusives, stamping supplies, tools, powders, gel topcoat.  I loved seeing so many people come by the booth to express their adoration for Pam's brand.  She really knows how to make customers feel appreciate and comfortable.  I will always be a fan!  

Stamping polish and the powders!  Pam has a few new iridescent powders that I brought home with me.  I an't wait to try them out.  

Here's the gel topcoat Pam created to use with her chrome, iridescent and holo powders.  

These pretty silicon art tools are to use with the powders.  I have to admit I've also used silicon tools like this for removing polish around my cuticles so you can probably use it for that too if you need a reason to buy a sparkly something!  

Uber Chic mats were a big seller! I like the mini black ones, they'll be great for creating decals with lighter shades.  

I don't know why i didn't take a picture of the exclusives, but here's a picture of the upcoming collection, The Archer.  I'll have swatches of this collection up very soon.  I wore Danger Zone (the red) to the event and it was oogled over!

Snapped a picture of fans at the booth!  There's Pam and Tara doing their thing!  

And here's dorky ol' me!  So that's that!  Any day being surrounded by polish is a good day.  The company was great too!

I thought I'd share my haul while I'm already at this huge post.  I picked up lots of goodies and can't wait to try they all.  I'm especially looking forward to trying the bath bombs, body products and iridescent powders.  

And these are the goodies that were in the VIP bag.  Plenty of nail art things and beautiful polishes.  I genuinely hope I can attend the next event because I had so much fun at this one! 

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