Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Born Pretty Metallic Green Stamping Polish

Morning dears!  Did you have a great 4th of July?  We bbq'd burgers and were up late watching fireworks and eating s'mores.  My neighborhood was going until almost 12!  We are in a "all fireworks are illegal" area but that doesn't seem to stop anyone.  Anyways, that's behind us now and we can get on with our Summer!  I can also get on with sharing a new post with you!  I'm sure you are familiar with Born Pretty products, they have loads of stamping plates and nail decorations.  But they also have nail polish!  Today I'm going to share a stamping polish with you and it's pretty great!   You can purchase this exact polish HERE for $2.59!  Plus you can save 10% off your entire order when you use my code JTWO10.  Go forth and shop!

*press sample*

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This is a super pretty green polish with a good dose of gold shimmer.  It's a metallic-ish finish and it looks different depending on the base you stamp over.  It's a lighter shade over white and a darker shade over black.  I used this polish like any other stamping polish, brushed a little on the plate, scraped off the excess, and picked up the image with my stamper.  It transferred great and a really showed up nicely over the base I used (Stella Chroma Blackberry Mint Moscow Mule).  Finished up with topcoat to keep it shiny and I was good to go!  

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