Tuesday, July 25, 2017

KBShimmer, Summer Vacation

Afternoon dolls!  I was a bad girl.  We got home from swim lessons and a little extra time at the pool...and mommy straight up passed out for a nap.  It wasn't long, just long enough that we missed soccer practice.  Oops.  Oh well, we were all cozied up on the couch under a blanket (I'm not crazy, the AC was blasting) and I fell asleep and my son lost track of time (shocking).  Oh well, guess everyone needs a day off now and then.  Well now I'm back up and trying to get them to tidy up their rooms and get a post shared with you!  Today I have the gorgeous KBShimmer Summer Vacation!  This collection features 8 beach ready vibrant shades full of holo glow flakes that give off a stunning holo effect.  The Summer Vacation Collection will be available on 7/28 on the KB site and Amazon.  Ok then, let's check out the polishes!

*press sample*

You know me...I went in rainbow order so up first I have Flock This Way.  It's a raspberry pink shade full of holo flakes and copper shimmer.  I love this shade of pink!  Awesome formula, perfect application.  I used 2 coats and topcoat to finish.

Shady Beaches (this name gave me a big laugh) is a coppery orange shade with rose gold shimmer and holo flakes.  In love with this color too!  It really glows and I think it works perfect with my tan.  Formula and application were both great.  I used 3 thin coats for full and even coverage, then finished up with topcoat.  

Squeeze the Day is a lemony yellow shade its orange/copper shimmer and holo flakes.  Looks just like a tall glass of refreshingly sweet & sour lemonade!  And you know my love for yellow, so I think this is a perfect polish!  Great formula and application.  Full coverage in 3 thin coats and topcoat to finish.  

Kiwi Real is a juicy kiwi green polish full of holo flakes and green shimmer.  This one really has that glow-y effect and it's totally amazing!  I used 3 thin coats for full coverage.  Application and forms are both fabulous.  Topcoat used.  

I threw in an extra shot to show you how the holo flakes really look amazing!  Each polish in this collection has this exact finish.  

No Wave! is a deep teal leaning turquoise with blue shimmer and holo flakes.  Perfect pool side shade that perfectly matched the tank dress I wore out to swim lessons today!  But really, if this polish doesn't scream Summer I have no idea what does.  Great formula.  Great application.  3 thin coats plus topcoat.  

Berry Chill is an orchid colored polish with holo flakes and violet shimmer.  This one is really fabulous, plus I know this is a popular shade so I have a feeling it'll make lots of polish hearts happy! Nice formula, flawless application.  I used 3 thin coats and a layer of topcoat.  

Hashtag You're It! is an indigo leaning grape with blue to purple duo chrome shimmer and holo flakes!  Wooo hoo this is a beaut!  Loving all the elements that came together to make this polish.  If you were only going to get 1 (or 2) polishes from this collection I'd highly recommend this one!  Formula and application were both awesome.  I used 3 thin coats and topcoat.  

And finally we have I'm Onyx.  This is a moody, but stunning black polish packed with blue to purple shifting shimmer and holo flakes.  This will be a sexy polish to wear for a hot date night out!  I dunno, I'm just a sucker for these dark, vampy shades.  But I sure do love them all year round!  I used 3 thin coats and topcoat.  

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