Thursday, July 27, 2017

Different Dimension, 90's Trio

Morning all!  What does this Summer Thursday hold for you?  For me...I'm taking the kids to the water slide park after swim lessons!  They have never been, and I haven't been in a really long time!  I'm equally exited and nervous to take them because I know they'll all want to run off in different directions.  So say a little prayer for my sanity!  Today I'm on here to show you the upcoming 90's trio from Different Dimension.  It's a limited edition trio, sold as a set, once it's sold out it's gone forever.  This trio isn't just a standard trio though, each of these polishes also work for stamping and water marbling!  How cool is that!?  Plus they're neon, so that's a huge bonus in my world.  They'll be available on 7/29 at 9am EST for $25 including shipping.  So are you ready to jump in and see these fabulous neons?  Me to, let's go!

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Let me start by saying you don't need a white base for these...they are this bright on their own!  Up first is Dope, a neon yellow that is opaque an vibrant!  I did find the formula on this one to be the most thick, but it wasn't difficult to use.  I ended up doing 3 thinnish coats for full coverage and an even finish.  I also used topcoat.  

OMG is a neon pink!  What else should I say about this?  If you love neon pink cremes then this is your baby!  Great formula and application.  Not as thick as Dope.  I needed 2 coats to reach total opacity and finished with topcoat.  

Bomb is a neon blue shade that is both electric and refreshing, if that's possible.  Great color.  Great application.  Great formula.  3 thumbs up from me.  I used 2 coats for full coverage and then a layer of topcoat.  

Ok so I also did some nail art (gasp!) to show you how great these work.  The first look I did is kind of a laser beam style.  I started with the 90's Trio as my base colors.  When fully dry I applied striping tape in random lines.  I slapped some black polish on top and peeled the tape off while the black was still wet.  Finished up the look with some topcoat.  Simplest nail art ever!  

Another look I did was some sponging.  I started out with white nails as my base.  I cut up a kitchen sponge so I could get that specific 'splotchy' look.  I dabbed some polish from each shade of the trio onto my silicon mat and dabbed the sponge in the blob.  I simply tapped the sponge pieces onto my nails in random places for a colorful and fun look.  I used topcoat to finish it up.  

And finally I did some stamping.  Again I started with a white base color.  Once dry I stamped silly images on my nails using all 3 shades from the trio.  I only messed up on my pinky, I don't think the rainbows showed up well, so I did a bit of a double stamp, but then the double stamp didn't come out so great so it just turned into a big fail.   User error...definitely not the polish.  Anywho, we've got 'Blah Blah Blah', donuts, a frappucino and rainbows.  Super cute!  And I have to say each of these polishes stamped really well!  

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