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Fit Snack Box: June 2017

Morning all!  I'm back with another post featuring some yummy snacks from the Fit Snack Box.  I was excited to try out some different and interesting food products, and pleased to see some returning products that I've enjoyed from past boxes.  I find the smacks in this box to be tasty, satisfying and they are always healthier options that what I typically reach for.  My family likes these snacks too!  You can subscribe to this box in an assortment of monthly increments and you can also save a few bucks by using my link HERE.  Ok, let's get on it, I can't wait to show you all the treats.  

*press sample*

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Alright, let's start with the Amsety Bar.  I got 2 flavors in this box, peanut butter and dark chocolate.  These are full of vitamins, minerals and are gluten free and organic.  I think they've got a descent amount of protein also, making them a great post workout snack.

So I tried both the peanut butter and dark chocolate.  I found the peanut butter to be more nutty than peanut butter-y.  It wasn't sweet, in my taste bud opinion.  I also found it a bit on the dry side.  The dark chocolate was more my jam.  It was sweet but not overly so.  Definitely more moist.  What I like most is that you can actually see real ingredients in the bars, peanuts and chocolate chips.  

Ellyndale Organics Q Cups is an interesting meal.  I supposed this is a meal in a cup, along the lines of oatmeal.  Alright, I have to admit I'm not on the quinoa train just yet.  But I absolutely appreciate a quick, healthy snack like this.  It needs some tweaks though.  There's not much in the way of flavor.  So next time I have this I'll be ready with some salt and pepper at the least.  There are flavored ones also, I'd probably prefer those.  

Here's the quinoa, as it comes in the cup.

Add water to the fill line...

Microwave for 1 minutes, stir and recover with the lid.  Let steep for 5 minutes.  

TA-DA!  It's ready to eat!  Seriously though, the 6 minutes it takes to make is fabulous.  I wish more food was ready that quickly.  

Oh Nutiva, how I love you.  Delicious and nutritious!  Vegan, organic, gluten free and 40% less sugar than the leading brand.  I got 2 easy travel size packets of the milk chocolate flavor spread.  If you haven't tried this yet you really should.  It's creamy and chocolatey and sweet.  I've had it on toast, graham crackers, with fruit.  

Another one of my favorite snacks from the box, Rise Buddy!  These crackers are made of baked rice, and they're light and airy crackers with a subtle flavor that's not over powering.  I've tried other flavors already, but this time I got sour cream and onion.  I typically don't pick this flavor out, but I found it mild and yummy.  

Muscle Research Whey Isolate helps you increase lean muscle mass, increase fat loss, improve muscle recover and many many other great things!  I typically drink fruity flavored pre and post workout drinks because I think they taste better.  But this one might change my mind!  Here's what immediately caught my attention..."SPOON STIRRED".  Wha?!  I can mix this with a spoon??  Let's read on!

The fact that it can be mixed with a spoon is awesome.  I actually don't like shaker cups, probably because washing all their parts is such a pain.  So I'm 100% on board with a powder drink I can mix up with a spoon.  

I was a little skeptical but the powder mixed with the water easily and quickly.  Not too many powder clumps were left behind.

Fully mixed and it tasted great.  I enjoyed the vanilla flavor and there was no textural complaints from clumps not breaking up.  

You'll remember Fawen Drinkable Soup from last month.  I was excited to try another flavor because I felt it was a great, quick meal on the go.  This month I have Beet & Cabbage flavor.  So Fawen promotes pure plant energy, a meal made only of veggies!  They suggest drinking it cold, so it's a quick grab from the fridge and go.  I wasn't sure if I was going to like this flavor, but I didn't find it too bad.  It really does taste just like beets and cabbage.  I'll be going for these when I know I'm skipping out on veggies and need some in my life.  

Last but not least is this wild product called Swish 4 Energy, a caffeinated mouth rinse.  Yup, you read that right.  Caffeinated moth rinse.  So this product promised fresh breath, enhanced alertness, and maintained endurance.  I was very intrigued.  Also a bit scared because I don't really do well with caffeine, makes me jittery.  Ok, so I followed the directions - poured it all in my mouth and swished for 30 seconds.  First off, I wasn't a fan of the taste.  It's not awful, but also not pleasant.  I spit it out and sat down to see what happened.  My mouth definitely felt cool and my breath was fresh.  I don't know that I felt more energetic or anything, but I did start feeling a clearness in my thought process, like my entire head was more clear (not sure I want to say alert).  Anyways, it's a pretty cool product that I would totally try again, possibly on a trail run because I totally need to me on my A-game during that type of run.  Maybe even before a soccer game!  

Not sure I mentioned it, but this is a tiny bottle, you can easily fit it in a running pack.  Anyways, here's a silly picture of me swishing.  

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