Thursday, July 20, 2017

Zoya Wanderlust Collection, Summer 2017

Evening beauties!  I've got a loooooong post of you tonight.  The Zoya Wanderlust collection for Summer 2017!  I know you've seen this collection before, but I usually like to share towards the middle of the season so the polish stays fresh in your brain (or it serves as a reminder that you loved a specific color).  Anywho, I figured it was time to share so here I am!  Wanderlust is currently available for $10 each or there are 2 sampler sets for $60 each.  This collection is heavy on pink and orange/coral.  There are a few other shades thrown in that are lovely bit really stick out like a sore thumb amounts the other colors.  A few are going to be fabulous for the Fall!  Wanderlust also has 3 matching lipsticks for you to choose from.  Those are $12 each.  Let's jump in and check out the post!  

*press sample*

Winnie is a soft watermelon pink creme. Great formula and application.  Creamy and smooth.  2 coats for full coverage, no topcoat needed.  

Birdie is a muted fuchsia creme.  Warmer than Winnie so if you love pink, you definitely want both.  Great formula and application.  Creamy and opaque.  2 coats and no topcoat needed.  

Esty (for some reason this is a really hard name for me to say) is a bubble gum pink creme.  Again, if you're a pink lover, you'll probably want all 3.  Mainly because the formula and application are both so dang good.  Rich and creamy, totally fabulous.  2 coats and no topcoat.  

Lois is a magenta-violet creme.  Nice purple...not neon, but definitely vibrant enough to be a Summer shade.  Though I'm not sure it really fits in with the collection.  I guess it helps break up the monotony of all the similar colors.  Awesome formula, awesome application.  2 coats.  No topcoat.  

Mandy is a shimmery berry pink.  I like that they threw a couple shimmers in here.  Adds interest to the collection!  This is a really pretty color, love the glow-y metallic look it has.  2 coats and no topcoat.  

River is another shimmery polish in the collection.  It's a cool cobalt blue.  This one was a bit thinner than the others, I used 3 coats for full coverage.  Again, I am digging the metallic-y look of it.  3 coats and no topcoat.  

Journey is a shimmery strawberry red.  Loving this metallic-y shade of red.  It's fun and pretty.  Good formula and application.  A little on the thin/sheer side so I used 3 coats for full coverage.  No topcoat.  

Scout is one of my favorites in the collection, but I think it's a total oddball in here.  It's a shimmering moss green.  Kinda reminds of me split pea soup actually.  I will totally rock this baby in the Fall!  Nice formula and application.  Built up perfectly in 3 coats.  No topcoat.  

Sawyer is a soft taffy orange creme.  This is one of my favorites n the collection.  It's such a great shade!  Not too pastel so not chalky looking.  Just vibrant enough and looks juicy!  Great formula, great application.  2 coats, no topcoat.  

Arbor is an olive green creme.  Another that I think is better suited for the Fall, but a gorgeous color none the less.  Also had a great formula and applied perfectly so really, what can I complain about?  2 coats, no topcoat.  

Cora is another of my favorites.  It's a coral creme.  Zoya description says muted, but I find it pretty vibrant on my nails!  This is one of those shades that screams Summer to me!  Awesome formula and application.  2 coats, no topcoat used.  

Last but not least is Sonja, a crimson red.  Like a smoldering sunset!  The formula was great, as was the application.  I will warn you that this one might stain your nails and skin a little.  2 coats for full coverage.  No topcoat needed.  

*edited to add lipstick*

Forgot to throw in a few pics of the lovely lipsticks!  Kay, Kirby and Kitty are natural shades of pink in a sheer finish.  I really enjoy the wash of color each gives and that they are easy to wear on the daily.  Love the formula, smooth and emollient.  If you want more color payoff you'll want a true lipstick though.  If you just want a colored balm type coverage, these are for you!

Left to right: Kitty, Kirby, Kay.

Top to bottom: Kitty, Kirby, Kay.  

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