Friday, July 28, 2017

ellagee, August Polish Pick Up; Sophia, Queen of the Side Eye

Morning dears!  The kids and I spent 6 hours out in the sun yesterday, playing in the water, going down slides, riding on tubes.  We still went to bed late, slept in, and are slowly getting our acts together for the day.  The plan is to head out to the Boardwalk but I've only got 2/3 kids on board.  I have to take that with a grain of salt because that 1 kid is my black sheep.  No matter what I say, he's the one who goes against it.  Every.  Single.  Time.  Lord help me, he's exasperating.  So exasperating I've also become a Queen of the Side Eye.  Haha!  Well that leads me into the polish named as such, inspired by the stunning Sophia Loren, who truly was the Queen of the Side Eye.  This polish is available through the August Polish Pick Up selections, from 8/4-8/7.  If you haven't figured it out yet, or somehow missed it, the theme is Old Hollywood!  Ok, ready to check this beaut out?  Let go then!

*press sample*

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I love seeing pictures of Sophia Loren.  She always looked amazing.  That generation really cared about how they looked on the daily, they were always dressed up, even at the beach!  But this particular picture of her is hilarious.  The way she is checking out Jayne Mansfield's exposed décolletage cracks me up!  So anyways, Laura used that picture as her inspiration and came up with this awesome, classy looking polish and named it Queen of the Side Eye.  It's a silvery black holo with green shimmer and copper flakes.  Gorgeous polish, really looks like old black and white films.  Formula and application were both perfect.  I used 2 coats for full coverage and topcoat.  

Here's the full picture, in case you haven't seen it.  Also, here's a funny link showing more pictures from this night and Sophia's faces are killing me!  She's like come on people, Jayne's fully exposed here!  What is seen holding her in??  

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