Monday, July 3, 2017

Girly Bits Sequins & Satin Pants

Good morning all!  It's a nice, quiet morning for me.  Kids are off to camp this week so I'm home alone to take care of all the stay-at-home-mom duties.  I'm planning to get in a quick run, clean the house and get some groceries.  My hubby and oldest son come home from their trip to Italy tonight too...I'm so excited to see them!  For now I'm just going to enjoy the rest of my coffee (and a couple mini m&m cookies) and share this post with you.  Ok ok, so Girly Bits recently released these gorgeous holo glitter polishes that are super perfect for Summer days.  They are bright, fun, sparkly, inspired by disco songs...what more could you need?!  Sequins & Satin Pants is currently available now and you can purchase them individually for $12.71 USD each or $88.98 USD for the 7-piece collection.  alright, let's jump in and see the polish so you can get to shopping!

*press sample*

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She's a Brick House, she's mighty mighty, just letting it all hang out.  This is a watermelon shade, jelly finish, full of holo glitters.  Love!  Ok, my obsession with watermelon has nothing to do with my love for this color.  It's like a soft red, leaning in to the pink family, super pretty.  Fabulous formula, easy application.  3 thin coats and topcoat to finish.

Looking for some Hot Stuff baby this evening.  This is a hot pink jelly full of holo glitters.  I think the name perfectly suits the color of this polish.  Another totally fantastic color.  So vibrant and fun!  Formula and applicant were both awesome too.  3 thin coats and topcoat to finish.  

Won't you take me to Funky Town?!  Such a good song.  Such a great polish!  I love me some orange and this orange jelly full of holo glitters fits the bill!  It's a juicy shade of orange that is just vibrant enough to wear all the time (meaning it's not burn your eyes out neon, which I don't want on the daily).  Great formula and application.  3 thin coats plus topcoat.  

Jive Talkin' (I have no idea what the Bee Gee's say in this song so no song intro) is one of my favorites.  Of course.  It's a chartreuse jelly full of holo glitter.  This is a unique shade of yellow (leaning a little green).  It's fun for me because it's not your standard neon or mustard.  And those holo bits really sparky against the base!  Awesome formula and application.  3 thin coats used and topcoat for smooth shine.    

Do The Hustle!  This baby is a lime green jelly full of holo.  Great shade of green, fresh and fun and bright enough to get anyone to notice your nails.  Wonderful formula, easy application.  3 thin coats and topcoat to finish.  

Le Freak (my brain isn't fully functioning yet so I can't think of the lyrics to this song either) is an azure blue jelly full of holo bits.  GAH, this color!  It's like a tall drink of cool water, literally.  Looks like sparkling tropical water and I just want to dive in.  Fabulous formula.  Fabulous application.  No issues to mention.  2 coats and topcoat for a glossy finish.  

Ah ah ah ah Stayin' Alive (all I can think of is Jimmy Fallon and JT impersonating the Bee Gee's now and I'm cracking up) is a totally gorgeous purple jelly with holo bits.  I know you love some's the most popular polish shade!  The holo looks amazing in this one so even if you don't adore purple you'll probably still want this one.  Plus the formula and application were just as amazing as the rest of the collection.  2 coats, topcoat to finish.  

And this my friends is Sequins & Satin Pants.  It's the gift with purchase if you buy the entire collection.  Trust me, you'll want the entire collection because it's totally awesome, but getting this freebie is pretty cool too!  This beauty is a silver holo shimmer metallic base with neon pink glitter!  HELLO!  Those neon pink glitters look amazing against the silver base!  Great formula and application.  3 thin coats, 1 layer of topcoat.  

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