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Fit Snack Box; June 2018

Hullo everybody!  You know, I think I am really taking this "I'm pregnant, I don't want to do anything" to a new level.  Granted during the week I walk, run, go to the gym, but once the weekend hits I don't want to get out of pajamas or off my couch.  But I'm really not doing nothing, I tidy up, do laundry, and blog!  If you don't blog/review products you probably don't realize how much time actually goes in to each post.  There's pictures, testing, taking notes, editing, watermarking, preparing it all on the blog, emailing links to the company, then sharing it all over social media.  Phew!  Takes hours up on hours!  But when it's a Fit Snack box it feels like less work because I have fun tasting all the treats out with my kids.  Plus it gives me really great ideas of things I can get for lunch boxes and quick on-the-go snacks.  So that makes it worth it.  Today (tonight for you East Coasters) I have the June 2018 box to share with you. This box had a few repeat items I have tried before and lots of new things!  I do have new info to share with you though!  Instead of saving $3 off your first box you can now save 30% off (for first time box purchasers).  That's a great savings for a subscription box that was voted the Best Snack Box of 2018!  Use my link HERE to save and get healthy foods to nosh on.  Let's jump in and see what the June offerings were.

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Starting off with SuperSeedz, Gourmet Pumpkin Seeds.  I will admit right off the bat that I love pumpkin seeds, they are delicious and tasty.  I was excited to try out this product because how could they get  Sea Salt flavored seeds wrong?  Well they didn't!  These are super yummy and will be great on top of a creamy soup, a salad, mixed into a homemade granola bar or just to eat by the handful.  I found these to be crunchy and perfectly salty.  Plus they have 42% more protein that almonds.  More flavors available on the SuperSeedz website.
Jen - thumbs up
Naomi - thumbs up

Rise Buddy is a brand me and the kids have definitely come to know and enjoy!  They have many flavors but I think this is the first time I have tried Sea Salt.  These baked rice snacks are always crunchy, light and airy yet full of flavor.  I liked that the sea salt flavor was minimal enough that you can actually taste that the product is made out of a rice cake but even more softly flavored.  You can pick these up on Amazon and other health food sites. 
Jen - thumbs up
Naomi - thumbs up

Purely Inspired Organic Protein mix is another product I have tried in the past.  I have tried chocolate so French Vanilla is a new flavor for me.  This is a 100% pant protein based shake mix packed with 20 grams of protein and 7grams of fiber.  I wasn't the biggest fan of the chocolate flavor but had high hopes that vanilla would be better.  Maybe I'm just not a fan of shakes in general but I didn't like this one either.  The initial taste is a nice vanilla flavor, but the after taste is very strong and bad.  It reminds me of eating grass and dirt mixed with a fake sugar flavor, even though it says no artificial flavor or sweetener.  Something in the ingredients does not taste great to me.  For reference, I mixed it with almond milk.  
Jen - thumbs down
Naomi - didn't want to try

I was super excited to try FlavaBar!  Who isn't excited to try chocolate?  This is flavanol rich chocolate bar with 500mg of flavanol antioxidants.  I received the roasted almond + Himalayan sea salt flavor and it was delicious.  There are 5 other dark chocolate flavors to chose from (sorry milk chocolate lovers).  I loved the rich, chocolatey taste, felt like I was indulging in pure decadence.  The salt added the perfect savoriness to cut through the richness and the almond pieces added just the right amount of crunch.  I will definitely be ordering more of these for when I have a super craving for chocolate!  
Jen - thumbs up
Naomi - double thumbs up

Fit Fiber Thinables are the healthy alternative to those famous cheesy square crackers everyone likes.  These are just as cheesy but they are baked with 4 grams of protein, 11 grams of fiber, and only 60 calories per serving.  I got the Cheddar Jalapeño flavor and haven't tried this one before.  I enjoyed the cheesy crackers and didn't find the jalapeño overwhelming, just a light touch of heat.  I will mention that the extra fiber does give them a thicker texture but it wasn't off putting.  
Jen - thumbs up
Naomi - thumbs down, too spicy

The Art of Broth looked intriguing.  I haven't seen broth that comes tea bag style!  Can I just say how easy this was to make!  Absolutely perfect product for when you are nursing a cold or just need to warm up on a cold day.  I received Vegan Vegetable but there is also bone broth and chicken broth flavors.  With 3, soon to be 4 kids around I am totally going to stock up on this for the Winter, high risk of cold & flu season.  Much easier to store and takes up less space than cartons or cans of broth and quicker to heat up!  I found the broth to be tasty and not overly salty, which always seems to be a problem with canned products.  
Jen - thumbs up
Naomi - double thumbs up, she drank the whole thing after I took a few tastes!  

Ok so I am currently 5 months pregnant and clearly not the best person to try out and comment on energy drinks, which there always seem to be in each Fit Snack box.  Once I get back to my running ways and soccer days I will be better suited for these types of product.  Until then I will do my best to be truthful and honest about caffeinated and energy products. Hawaiian Ola is an energy drink that takes the powers of noni juice to boost your immune system and provide anti-inflammatory properties to your body.  Noni is a hawaiian superfood.  If you head over to the Hawaiian Ola site you will see there are plenty of items to chose from, I do wish I'd received the no-caffeine Immunity drink!  Right on the label there is a warning against use if pregnant (and other conditions).  And a cautionary warning that your skin may feel warm after drinking as it causes the blood to rush around...that seems a bit scary!  I literally only touched my lips to the drink just to see how it tastes, I'd classify it as tart fruit that wasn't very palatable.  
Jen - thumbs down
Naomi - not intended for children

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