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What I Bought: Polish Pickup May '18, 1990's

Backstreet's Back, ALLRIGHT!  Haha, just kidding...but it's a song from the 90's and this post is all about the polishes I picked up from the 90's themed PPU in May.  I loved the month, it was probably my favorite.  It was a total throw back to my middle school/high school/early college years.  I knew the inspiration for every single item in the shop and wanted to buy them all, but settled for a select few.  You won't be able to find any of these unless you hunt them down in the PPU sales group, but the August PPU is just around the corner and from all the sneak peeks it's got to be a great month for shopping!  Okie dokie, lets jump on in and see the plethora of pictures I have of each polish!

*nothing to disclose*

Polish Pickup: ShopFacebook

Totally needed this.  Like NEEEEEEDed it!  Neon coral leaning pink full of blue flakes and vibrant violet shimmer....all the yes!  Could this polish be any more Summery if it tried?  No, no it couldn't.  Ok so this is You Got It Dude from Fair Maiden Polish.  Words uttered by the ever so adorable Michelle from Full House.  I used to live for that show.  Cute interpretation of her shirt/overalls outfit.    Fantastic formula, perfect application.  Full coverage in 2 coats, finished with topcoat.  

Fair Maiden Polish: Shop, Facebook, Instagram



Yup, I love coral and orange.  Some of my favorite shades.  No real surprise that I had to have Anchor & Heart Lacquer Isn't It Ironic?.  This is a vibrant orange crelly full of multi-colored shifty flakes, gold holo glitters and same tone shimmer.  Beautiful and fun and bright!  Plus I totally rocked out to Alanis Morissette songs in the 90's, she was such a bad@ss rocker...I still car karaoke at the top of my lungs when her songs come on the radio.  Great formula and application.  Built up to complete opacity in 2 coats.  Finished with topcoat.  

Anchor & Heart Lacquer: Shop, Facebook, Instagram



The last polish that I swooned heavy over was Contary Polish Crimson Glow.  This beauty was inspired by Angela's hair from the show My So Called Life.  I do remember watching this show but don't remember many details about it, doesn't mean I can't appreciate a beautiful polish.  Crimson Glow is a deep red with tiny holo flakes and a slight shift to a lovely coppery shade.  Yeah, totally a color me and interesting.  Nice date night color and perfect for the Fall!  Fantastic formula, applied so smoothly in 2 coats.  1 layer of topcoat to finish things up!

Contrary Polish: Shop, Facebook, Instagram



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